Jose Baez victory dance BEFORE the verdict was read.

To the Jurors:

It is my belief that something very wrong happened in that jury room. Something punishable by law. Something that should land some of you in a federal prison for a few years if there’s any justice left in the world.

Personally, I will not be satisfied until each and every one of you is thoroughly investigated and we know exactly what happened in this trial because I’m not buying anything any of you have said in your “interviews.”

Not one word.

We were all watching and paying very close attention during the trial. We depended on you to get justice for this little girl and set a precedent for people who intended to use and abuse the system to this grave extent. We saw the exact same evidence that you did and the verdict from the public is in.

Something stinks here and it stinks bad. Something about the 12 of you.

There is not one thing that any of you will ever be able to say about this verdict that will make it “ok”, so you might as well stay in your homes and keep your faces hidden.

In my opinion “stupidity” had nothing to do with this. In my opinion, all 12 of you connived and conspired to reach a not guilty verdict because you smelled MONEY.

All of you.

This verdict was not only outrageous…in my opinion it was criminal. Did you forget that the trial was televised? Did you forget that we all saw the same evidence that you did and that over 95% of the people who watched the trial were convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that it was first degree murder?

In the wake of this incredibly foul smelling verdict, some of you have the nerve to get in front of an interviewer and try to sell the concept that you did your jobs!

Did your jobs?


The only question left for many of us is…why? Ignorance and stupidity? Apathy? Or Money?

There is a school of thought among some people, that you are all 12 hopelessly ignorant, uneducated and flat out stupid. I’m not buying it, not for one minute. There is also the idea out there that you all just wanted to leave for your vacations and get back to your summer, so you did the easiest thing. Not buying that either.

No. Something is very rotten in Denmark and while a few of you may be on the critical list when it comes to stupidity, in my opinion all of you are greedy.

Twelve greedy opportunists who saw an “opportunity” to do the wrong thing and potentially make money for themselves, doing interviews and writing books. Twelve fools who believed that if you came up with a controversial verdict, your interviews would be worth more money.

Well the joke is on you.

Had you done the right thing and deliberated like you were supposed to, you could have been National Heros. You would have been in demand on every TV show in America. People would have had a parade in your honor. You could have eaten free, in restaurants of your choice for your entire life. You could have written a slew of books and people would have run to the bookstore and bought them all. I know I  would have wanted to read about the noble people that listened to the evidence and did the right thing.

If someone told you otherwise then…you’ve been had.

Not the worst of what I believe happened here, though. My opinion is that many of you were swayed by the idea that you had to ”make as much as you could off of being a Casey Anthony juror.”  I also believe that a few planted the idea, to the others, that a “not guilty” verdict would garner more book and TV deals than a guilty verdict. I believe whole heartedly that a few of you convinced the rest, that people would want to find out why the verdict was “not guilty” and more money could be made with that verdict.

We were all made aware that you were blatantly disregarding the rules of sequestration when you asked for a photo of the heart shaped sticker, so we all now know that you were discussing the case and the evidence during the trial. If we had any doubts the statements that you’ve made since the shameful verdict have cleared it up with tidbits from the alternate about how “everyone” felt. You were not supposed to be discussing a heart shaped sticker or anything else until you got into that deliberation room!

You did not “do your job.” You cheated a 2 year old child out of the justice she deserved and set the tone for a sea of predators to break the law, kill out children and walk free in a Florida courtroom. I suspect the fact that many of you have criminal records of your own, explains how you were able to  find such common ground with a crooked, fraudulent defense team and a pack of wholesale liars.

You will never convince me that someone didn’t ferret out the dirtiest amongst you. Baez proved one thing and one thing only during this trial…he proved that he was going to try and win by any means necessary…and he didn’t care how low he had to go either!

So for any of you fools that think you are going to do an interview with “People Magazine” and say things like:

“We did our jobs”…

and people are going to let you slide away on that announcement…here’s a newsflash for you:


Why you were not reprimanded by the judge for discussing the heart shaped sticker before deliberations will always be another mystery to me. I have now decided Judge Perry was just a weak, ineffective, self serving judge. He only cared about one thing…BUDGET and his own track record. Perry didn’t give a fig about justice in his courtroom and the fact that you jurors were discussing that sticker, should have been a giant red flag to him. He should have known then, that you were ignoring his instructions.

And if you talked about the heart shaped sticker, then what the hell else did you talk about?

Did your jobs indeed! Could some of your really believe that or do you just underestimate the public’s intelligence?

You are also not supposed to have  in-discriminant  conversations on cell phones, as we are now finding out you did. Apparently they were not keeping an eye on you as they should have.

Are you kidding me? You were sequestered! We now find out that  you  are all talking on your cell phones during sequestration? To who? About what?  Something STINKS.

You are also suppose to go over the evidence that was presented to you during trial and discuss it piece by piece. You did none of that. There were thousands of documents and weeks of testimony and you want to tell me all 12 of you didn’t need to discuss most of it?

Not buying it.

You are supposed to sit down together and figure out what it means when every police officer on the scene, including Casey’s own family, cadaver dogs, independent witnesses and SCIENCE put a dead body in the trunk of Casey’s car…at the exact time her daughter was missing.

That fact alone is overwhelming evidence of her guilt and you want us all to believe you were too stupid to figure that out?


Did you ever stop to think that in order for her to be “not guilty” of any of the charges…that the entire Orlando Police department had to be lying? Yet you expect the public to believe that you are all 12 so feeble minded, that you chose to believe the biggest liar in modern day history over a chorus line of police officers, detectives, scientists and professionals?

Your verdict is a joke.

It is abundantly clear to me that you 12 so called humans, are no different than the other players surrounding this terrible tragedy. You were all just looking for a way to cash in on being a Casey Anthony juror. Trying to get on the blood train created by the murder of helpless baby…just like everyone  else!

Now that sounds feasible to me.

Do you really think that people didn’t notice that, not only are you talking about the case amongst yourselves before you are supposed to, but you didn’t spend any time at all deliberating? Well you are wrong. People noticed.

You slithered away from the light like cowards, after you barely deliberated and now you are all waiting for your big payoff. Revolting.

Recently one of you cowards did an anonymous  interview with people magazine for money and had the unmitigated gall to say:

“We all thought that Casey Anthony was probably a very bad person…”

Well guess what? You can consider that in your deliberations you fools! That’s evidence! Casey’s character and demeanor in court is evidence and you can consider that.

You can consider the defendant’s past behavior. You can consider her words. You can consider her lies as evidence in a murder trial.


To any  jurors that instigated towards this verdict…did you think you were going to be able to manipulate this jury and people would simply accept that you are all too stupid and uneducated to have been able to figure it out? Did you think you were going to waltz into the deliberating room and waltz back out again…say “not guilty” and people were not going to question the honesty of this verdict?

The evidence was overwhelming. It was all over the place, right in front of your faces. There was overwhelming mountains of it presented to you and for some reason you think that people aren’t going to question why you found her guilty of nothing?

Your job was to deliberate…go over the facts both circumstantial and scientific and figure it out! You did none of that. If you didn’t understand the evidence it was your job to make sure you did.

You made it crystal clear to the world that you had your minds made up before you ever went into that deliberation room.


You are all a National disgrace. You are an embarrassment, not only to the state of Florida but to the whole country.

Some people honestly believe that you were all 12 just too stupid and ignorant to understand the evidence. I do not. I believe that this whole case reeks of JURY TAMPERING and each and every one of you need to be investigated and if any trace of jury misconduct or tampering is found you should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

You should all  have your lives turned upside down for what you have done.  Many people will not let it rest until the public finds out what really happened. I hope as we speak the DA’s office and the Feds are looking under every single rock you all came slithering out of. I hope someone is following the money because I will bet a hundred dollar bill that it will eventually lead back to the Defense and some of you.

Every time one of you speaks you do nothing but re-enforce my opinion that you are all FULL OF AGENDAS that involve the smell of money and did what you did to cash in on your role as a juror. The chances that you are all dirty…far exceeds the chances that you are all terminal idiots. NO ONE is as stupid as you expect us to believe you are. It doesn’t work that way. Giant red flags are waving over each and every one of your heads screaming that something is wrong here! It stinks! It stinks! It stinks!

The smell from this is not going to wash off of any you for many years to come, if ever.

And how much did this temporarily anonymous juror get PAID by People Magazine, to come out in print and have the audacity to say “we did our jobs?” How much money? How many of you greedy bloodsuckers will try to get a book deal out of this? Do you think anyone cares to read a book by 12 of the most despised and reviled people on the planet right now? What will be in the book?

Your excuses for purposely ignoring mountains of testimony and circumstantial evidence and dismissing every piece of scientific evidence that was presented to you, will always fall on deaf ears!  You prove by doing interviews for “People Magazine” that this verdict was just another opportunity for 12 fools to make as much money as they can off of the murder of an innocent child and deny her justice.

Some people may buy into the fact that you are all chronic idiots but I am not one of them. I have stated before the trial that I didn’t think you could find 12 people that stupid on the planet…much less the same county. I stand by that statement.

Being “village idiots” is the best case scenario now, for all of you. Being a village idiot won’t get you locked up and sent to prison. Being swayed by greed to render an unjust verdict, in the horrible murder of a child, is just as bad as taking a bribe.

My opinion is supported by Baez and his happy “six-gun-dance” BEFORE the verdict was read. Dancing in the halls in front of reporters…smiling from ear to ear…laughing and joking when he should have been worried for his client’s life. It’s on videotape.

I have another hundred dollar bill that says HE KNEW.

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmm….

The lying, the cheating, the dirty tricks, the attempts to cash in, the whole air of this trial has the smell of something dirty and reprehensible about it and EVERYBODY NOTICES IT. People are not going to sit still while Baez, the killer and this jury make money off of this travesty!

You 12 jurors are this country’s worst nightmare.

You have devalued the lives of all of our children with this verdict.

You ignored evidence in the horrible murder of a helpless child and set a baby killer free, all  for the promise of bettering your own lives with the smell of money.

You have made a joke out of our justice system and made us all afraid for the future.

You have abused and destroyed what was traditionally a sacred honor in this country, to sit on a jury and render JUSTICE.

You have sullied your own names forever because this case will go down in history as the darkest moment our justice system has ever seen.

You have proven to the public that the whole system is rotten and honor means nothing.

You’ve proven that there is no justice for children.

You let the world down…when you had a chance to be HEROS.

Because your verdict is suspect, every time you do an interview for money you MURDER Caylee Anthony all over again.

Here’s something you don’t know but could have figured out, had your intentions been noble. Jose Baez and Casey Anthony take down everyone in their path.

Virtually anyone that had anything to do with this case, was thrown under the bus to deflect attention away from Casey…and if you are a juror that took money to sway the other jurors in this case…YOU just got thrown under the bus too!

You should be hiding in your homes right now regardless and keeping your mouths shut  and your heads hung low. Again, your greed even causes you to do things that put yourself and your family at risk. Every time one of you speaks, the public becomes more enraged because it verifies our sense that something rotten happened in that jury room. Your answers do not make sense and are getting old already. People relied on you to go over the evidence and put the pieces together for justice. People put their faith and trust in 12 people that they hoped would do the right thing and take the evidence presented to them seriously.

You let everyone down and tarnished your own image forever.

You especially let Caylee down, a little girl with her whole life ahead of her. A 2 year old child who has waited 3 years for you to help her get justice.

What you did was UN-AMERICAN. You have made this country a worse place to live for your greed and apathy. Go away and hide, if you can, and hope that you have cleaned up behind yourselves.

Whether you plead stupid or greedy….you will forever be a National disgrace and the more you talk the worse it gets.

Congratulations. You are the newest villains in this disgraceful saga brought on by a disturbed family of sociopaths.  More passengers that continue to dance on this child’s grave and ride the money train.

You are all an utter disgrace. I hope your lives are permanently ruined by your foul decision to deny this child justice. You all should burn in hell and choke on every dollar you were paid to make a mockery of our system.