Sweet little Caylee, left on the side of the road like trash.

It is my opinion that there is no other explanation for this verdict but jury tampering and the reason for that is JOSE BAEZ and his greed.
He wanted too much.
He wanted the jury to totally acquit the killer of all charges no matter how unrealistic. It’s bad enough, knowing the evidence in this case, that the jury had the gall to acquit her of all charges and wrong doing…but people watched the trial and saw the same thing that the jury saw and overwhelmingly reached a different conclusion.

Whether you believe it was an accident or not…Casey Anthony was guilty of  something.

I submit to you that the prosecution proved beyond all doubt that Casey Anthony was guilty of first degree murder.

Reason #3 is Casey Anthony’s  car.

Recently I received a post on my disclaimer page about the prosecution not meeting their burden and the following is part of my response that addresses the car:

It is extremely powerful circumstantial evidence that the jury is supposed to consider…when you have a dead body in the trunk of your car at the exact time your daughter goes missing.

Just who’s dead body was that in Casey’s car while Caylee was missing?

Is is just a coincidence that Casey Anthony had a dead body in the trunk of her car at the exact same time Caylee was murdered?

Wow. What are the chances of that?

And if you want to suggest that the detectives that were on the scene…Cindy, George and Lee Anthony and the tow truck driver are all lying then you have to say that both cadaver dogs, that hit on the same spot on two different occasions, are wrong, too.

Then after that…you have to reach the conclusion that every scientist and forensic witness that took the stand and testified that there WAS a dead body in the trunk of that car, was lying too…why? These people have no reason to lie about this.

It’s not reasonable.

What’s reasonable is that Casey Anthony, the last person to be seen with Caylee Anthony and the person that consistently lied to thwart the investigation, killed Caylee and kept her in the trunk of that car long enough to leave the smell and the scientific evidence there.

More powerful circumstantial evidence concerning the car, is the fact that Casey Anthony dumped a perfectly good car, at a time when it was all she had and she needed it. Does the “jury” believe it was a coincidence that the car, reeking of death, was abandoned next to a trash dumpster and that the killer left her purse on the seat? Why does the jury think that Casey Anthony abandoned a perfectly good car, at that place and in that way? Do no lightbulbs go off in these people’s heads?

The evidence is… that the tow truck driver, George, Cindy, Lee, all the detectives that came to the house, the scientists, the cadaver dogs…ALL SAY THERE WAS A DEAD BODY IN THE TRUNK OF THE CAR CASEY LEFT ABANDONED BY THE DUMPSTER.
And we know Casey left the car there because she told Tony she did and he went there to pick her up. We also know that Casey Anthony would not let Tony near that car.

In the case of the car the scientific evidence backs the circumstantial evidence up 100%.

So, to say that it is “reasonable” for people to believe a pathological liar and the suspect in this case (who has every reason to lie) over a chorus line of witnesses and professionals is in my opinion dishonest.

The air samples, again, substantiate the fact that something very wrong happened in the trunk of that car. Did the jury have earplugs in their ears when Dr. Vass told them that the air samples contained chemicals that were present during decomposition and the chloroform levels were 10,000 times the levels that they were supposed to be…or were they just not educated enough to understand the science? Maybe they thought Dr. Vass was deliberately lying?

I’m no Einstein, but it made perfect sense to me.

The defense, yet again, was trying to mislead the jury into thinking that the same test that their expert testified to…was the same test that Dr. Vass performed,  pertaining to the chloroform. Simple right? They were different tests. Apples and Oranges. The defense’s witness did nothing to explain those chloroform levels that they found in the trunk of that car. Did that go right by this group of 12 unfortunates?

TEN THOUSAND TIMES the normal level of chloroform, that would be expected to be found.

Does the jury really want us to think that they are just too ignorant and dumb to understand any of this?

If so…why would I be interested in watching an interview with one of these morons?

Well, that’s not what I think.

The fact that some of these so called “jurors” have criminal records is of great interest to me. Perhaps the smell of money was a lot more attractive, in this economy, than justice for a murdered child to someone who has a history of breaking the law?

Sounds much more likely to me, than 12 brain dead jurors that just couldn’t figure out the evidence.

Another thing that the jury ignored that adds to the giant pile of both circumstantial and scientific evidence, is the fact that the killer was telling all her friends lies about plastering squirrels on the grill of that car. There was no evidence that there was anything like that on that car.

Now why would you go around telling that story if your car didn’t smell?
Why would you email your friend that your car smelled like something died in it if the car didn’t smell of death?

Uncanny how stupid these people are…why…I’m surprised this bunch can get dressed in the morning.

I’m not buying it.

There is undeniable evidence that there was a dead body in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car at exactly the time when Caylee went missing…and we all know Caylee…

was never missing.

She was dead. 

Dead and decomposing in a trash dump, located where Casey Anthony used to hang out with her friends…not George Anthony…but Casey Anthony.

Those coincidences are started to stack up.

And the odds? The odds that all these facts, facts that point directly to Casey Anthony as the killer of Caylee Anthony are just poor Casey’s bad luck.

Is that’s what the “jury” wants us to believe?

That they thought all of this was just a wild coincidence.

Of course, in order to “figure it out” you have to actually deliberate…and these jurors did not do that.

And we haven’t even gotten to the interviews and the videotapes that these so called “jurors”  were shown yet.

Next Post: The Videotapes.