Casey Anthony, angry in court, seems to be sprouting horns

Is it me, or does the fact that someone actively searched out “chloroform”, on the Anthony home computer, (while Cindy and George Anthony were at work), go hand in hand with the fact that there was 10,000 times the normal levels of chloroform found in the air samples, taken from the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car?

According to the jurors it’s just another startling coincidence in the ill fated life of an unfortunate young woman who just happens to have the worst luck in the history of the world.

According to the jurors…it’s entirely possible that there was a parade of witnesses in the form of professionals and civilians alike, who all testified falsely and lied about  Casey Anthony’s car reeking of death. According to the jury the Orlando PD somehow managed to manipulate 2 cadaver dogs to hit on Casey Anthony’s trunk on 2 separate occasions no less.

Wow. Rotten luck. What did Casey Anthony ever do to the Orlando Police Department for them to go on this elaborate campaign against her?


Someone did a google search “How to make chloroform” on the Anthony’s computer and when they found the website they wanted, they visited it ..all while Cindy and George anthony were at work.

Concerning also, are the other strange computer searches around the same time the chloroform searches were made. ” Household items as weapons”, “Missing children”, “chloroform” and “How to make chloroform”…all searches the prosecution proved that Casey Anthony was making when no one else was home.

Why is Casey Anthony, party girl, interested in “missing children?” What…in Casey Anthony’s life suggests that she would be suddenly concerned with “missing children?”

Nothing about missing children helps her in the area of  keeping up the fraud she has been perpetrating on virtually everyone around her for years now. It doesn’t make her life any easier…or does it?

More to the point, why is Casey Anthony, party girl, interested in “household items as weapons?”

“Household items as WEAPONS?”

By itself, its a fact that leaves you scratching your head…but taken in context with the fact that Casey Anthony was telling all of her friends, that she was going to “get her parent’s house” and she was inviting Amy to move into the house with her… it takes on a far more sinister tone.

Casey Anthony is actually going so far as to invite Amy to come and live with her in her parent’s home!

Casey Anthony's forehead bulges with anger in court.

And where are her parents suppose to be when all this happens? How is Casey going to “get” her parent’s house and let Amy live with her if George and Cindy Anthony are still living there?

How’s that suppose to work?

According to George and Cindy Anthony, they weren’t going anywhere and they weren’t giving Casey Anthony the house, so when was all of this going to take place and why?

Those searches, all made at the same time, have one thing in common. They all could help  Casey Anthony dramatically change her living situation. A living situation that she obviously was not happy with. A situation where she felt she was not getting the things she was entitled to.

It’s all about the killer.

Even though I watched the prosecution put on an excellent case, there are things Jeff Ashton stated about the defendant that I completely disagree with…such as the statement that Casey Anthony is “clever.”

Quite the contrary. She’s a complete idiot and proves it time and time again. Far from being “clever” she proves that her ability to form ideas and think ahead is non existent and she is operating on an extremely JUVENILE level.

Dumb as dirt.

Casey Anthony starting to go off in court.

How stupid and lazy do you have to be to murder your child and then drive around for DAYS with her decaying body in the trunk of your car…all while you go out and party?

Even if you were too stupid to figure out that you had better get rid of the body as fast as you can before you get caught with it…or it begins to decompose…wouldn’t your primal instincts kick in?

That’s not clever and that’s what the evidence shows happened in this case. Even though the jury ignored it completely, the evidence is still there and it shows that in order for the air samples, the grave wax, maggots, the hair and other forensics found in CA’s trunk to be there, in the state they were found, Caylee’s body had to be in that trunk for at least 2 to 3 days. That means, Casey Anthony had a dead body in the trunk of her car during the time she went out to Fusion and partied.

And the idiot never even gave it a second thought.

What did she think was going to happen? Did she think a dead body would just stay there and not decompose? What if she was stopped by the police or got into an accident? Did she even think of any of these things?

And this is supposed to be a “clever” person?

I would suggest to you that this is the height of laziness and stupidity. Even the dumbest criminal knows you get rid of the body right away.

In the most ignorant, juvenile, move of the century, this killer goes schlepping down the street, no further than the corner, and dumps (not buries) but dumps Caylee’s body out like so much trash.

How much time do you think that took?

Thirty seconds maybe?

And did she clean her car out after that? No. Not only is this an indication of how lazy and unintelligent Casey Anthony truly is, it’s also an indication of how absolutely FILTHY she is.

Her lies are not “clever” and she is far from “nimble.”

“I work at Universal Studios…here…come follow me. I’ll take you to my office.”

That’s not a clever lie.

Casey Anthony becoming more enraged in court.

If there wasn’t a precious 2 year old child that ended up dead, at the end of this tragic story, it would be hilarious. I guess Jeff Ashton isn’t used to being around really good liars or maybe the good liars he knows, are so good, that he has no idea that they are lying.

When you have a dead body in the trunk of your car…get rid of it imediately.

Don’t stop at a cocktail party, don’t go to the mall and shop, don’t go to Blockbuster with your boyfriend…get rid of it as fast as you can.

How “clever” do you have to be to know this? A fact that completely flew over this killer’s empty head.

Here’s another one…

When you are hiding a body…you might want to go a little further than around the corner from your house.

This woman is stone cold stupid. I respectfully disagree with Jeff Ashton’s characterization of this slob. Casey Anthony is a TERRIBLE liar and it is evidenced by the type of lies she told (ie: “Zanny the Nanny”) and how many times she was forced to change her story because she had painted herself into a corner. A “clever” liar wouldn’t have sat in jail for 3 years and faced the death penalty. A “clever” liar would have lied their way out of it, no problem. A “clever” liar would have completely gotten away with it.

With all she has going against her in the “brains” department, does anyone doubt that Casey Anthony was both evil and stupid enough to toss around the idea, of getting rid of Cindy, George and Caylee, in order to live in the family home and party all the time with her friends, free of responsibility?

Casey Anthony's exploding rage.

Does that not sound exactly like something Casey Anthony would dream up and believe that she could pull off? Wasn’t that practically what she was doing already, anyway? Living completely off of her parent’s money, stealing from them every chance she got, lying about having a job? The only difference was that they were alive and constantly standing between her and what she wanted.  Not only could she get rid of the people she hated the most but she could live her “Bella Vida” and be free of financial responsibility.

She is just ignorant enough to think that would work. It’s typical Casey Anthony “event planner” who never planned anything in her life past the initial idea.

Most people realize that the money would quickly run out because most people work and have an idea about how much it costs to live. Most people realize you would still have to have a job, in order to run a house and pay a mortgage.

But then, Casey Anthony is not “most people.” She’s uneducated and lazy. She’s a parasite and has been a parasite her entire life. A High School drop out with no talents or skills to draw on.  All she knows how to do is steal and lie and she’s not even very good at that.

Let’s face it…when you have Cindy and George Anthony as your audience, you don’t really have to hone your lying skills that much. They believed every ridiculous lie Casey Anthony ever told them, carte blanche, no matter how absurd.  So there was really no need for Casey to develop her lying skills beyond a certain point.

In Casey’s world, she can tell the police that she works at Universal Studios and they will just accept it as fact. In her world, the fact that a child is missing is not that big of a deal. She is so unconcerned about it, that she gives no thought to what is going to happen when she has to explain to Cindy and George where Caylee is.

In Lee’s deposition it states that Casey Anthony was in Lee’s room with him and he was imploring her to tell them where Caylee was. During the course of this conversation Lee states that he finally asks Casey Anthony:

“What do you think is going to happen when the police get here? They are going to MAKE you take them to Caylee. That’s what is going to happen!”

At this point Lee states that Casey Anthony got a look on her face as if a “light bulb” went off in her head.
Had she really not given this any thought what-so-ever? Really? After 31 days avoiding Cindy Anthony, the thought never enters her head that the police are going to force her take them to Caylee if they are called?

It was at this point that Casey Anthony put her head down in her hands (sound familiar?) and began to “cry.”

It was at this moment that “Zanny the Nanny” was born.

That’s not “clever” and “nimble.”

That’s thick and desperate.

Is it really a stretch that Casey would imagine herself living in that house…rent free…with gobs of money in the bank and the perfect life…if her parents and Caylee were all gone?

“Household objects as weapons.”

A big “household accident” could have been Casey Anthony’s best friend and it’s my opinion that she’s just dumb and evil enough to come up with a scheme exactly like that.

If I was Cindy and George Anthony I wouldn’t let her near my home now that she’s bought herself a “not guilty” verdict. But then, they aren’t the sharpest tacks in the drawer either.

Casey Anthony on videotape, expressing rage towards her parents.

Those computer searches have shown me that she is capable of even more than killing a beautiful 2 year old child. Those searches tell me that MONEY and material possessions are both things that Casey Anthony could be willing to kill for.

The fact that Casey Anthony told her friends that she was going to get her parent’s house and at the same time, apparently, spent a good deal of time looking up things like chloroform and “household objects as weapons” is one of those things that I’m not willing to chalk up to coincidence at this point and it certainly is food for thought.