Beautiful Caylee: Artwork by Holly from Facebook's "No Money for Murder" group

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. It’s been 3 years since the monster, known as Casey Anthony emerged from the dark shadows of “Anthony family values” and cursed the country with her very existence. I can honestly say if someone killed this murderer…I would be ANGRY if the police wasted valuable resources trying to find out who did it. I would be perfectly content for them NEVER to solve the crime and for the killer to go free.

As a matter of fact I prefer it that way.

I really don’t even want to be discussing Casey Anthony at all, especially during the holidays. She is an ugly, black HOLE. She is the worst that society has to offer. She is a psychotic child killer plain and simple and in my opinion deserves to be sitting on death row.

It is for this reason and many more that I continue to write about this case. I consider this case to be one of the darkest moments our justice system has served up in decades and the fact that it is IN MY FACE, where I can’t ignore it, makes it worse.

And I’ve got to tell you, I’m extremely angry about what I have watched unfold over the past 3 years.

I knew our justice system was in trouble, especially when it comes to murdered children but the impotence demonstrated during this investigation has me very worried about the future.

Lying to the police over and over and over, taking them on wild goose chases, destroying evidence, giving the FBI the wrong toothbrush, poking around for Caylee BEFORE her body was discovered in that exact spot, trying to talk Texas Equisearch workers into falsifying their testimony and yes…I’m going to say it JURY TAMPERING.

This verdict makes no sense otherwise! It simply  is NOT POSSIBLE without the stench of money!

I do NOT WANT to be writing or talking about this murdering IDIOT and the 2 CLOWNS she hired as henchmen but the fact that these low lives are flaunting it in my face and trying to make money off of this travesty is really too much to bear.

Do I think it’s bad for an innocent person to be falsely convicted? Of course I do…but it’s just as bad to let a murderer free to kill again…especially if the victim was an innocent child. The evidence was overwhelming and the so called “jury” ignored all of it and twisted the facts to suit their FINANCIAL NEEDS. It’s not acceptable and it never will be.

The so called “jurors” waltzed in and out of that deliberation room as if they were ordering breakfast at Howard Johnson’s. They then sashayed out, after thousands of documents and hours of testimony as if to say:

“Too bad…we aren’t finding her guilty of anything. Prove there was jury tampering!”

Rotten, rotten ,rotten, DIRTY disgraceful, disgusting, revolting and from my perspective it WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

I don’t have to support this verdict and I NEVER WILL!

No Justice and a KILLER is free!

I want to find out WHO got to them and WHEN. I have a feeling that THE OTHER “Texas Equisearch lady”, who mysteriously ended up as a potential juror (How the hell did that happen?) and contaminated an entire pool of jurors… could have something to do with this and I want to know all about that incident.

But that is a subject for another blog…Casey Anthony, baby killer and 12 “morally bankrupt” jurors are not going to ruin my Christmas as they have my faith in the justice system.

Forgive me for keeping my blog entries to a minimum during this season. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and remember:

Somewhere…someone’s Christmas holiday is being RUINED (even more than Thanksgiving was) by a child killer and a pathological liar. A prattling, murdering dunderhead who loves nothing more than to talk about HERSELF non stop.

She is in someone’s home right now and it’s not HERS. That means she’s eating someone else’s food, using someone else’s electricity, hanging out in someone else’s kitchen while they cook and talking their head off about HERSELF and all her GREAT PLANS for her future and HERSELF…blah blah blah.

Whoever is stupid enough to have that thing around their family or their personal possessions, better not leave her alone in their house.  Who would trust her in any way? She is a thief, a liar and a killer (and they ALL know it.)

And who does she steal from?

Casey Anthony steals from THE PEOPLE AROUND HER. 

And who does she lie to?

Casey Anthony lies to everybody.

And who does she kill?

Casey Anthony kills the same people she steals from…THE PEOPLE AROUND HER. 

Casey Anthony's exploding rage.

So Merry Christmas whoever you are.

Be sure and keep a smile on your face at all times (no matter how much you want to blow your OWN brains out) because there’s a murdering psycho in the house. Bet you money it’s not going to be BAEZ’s Christmas that’s all messed up by having that nut job in his home. How much do you want to bet even HE is beginning to wish she had gone to prison?

You’ve seen the jailhouse tapes. If she’s anything, she’s viscerally repulsive and virtually intolerable to be around.

Me me me me me me me me me.

Besides, Baez is moving on and now has an excuse to be AWAY from the “killer.”

Somewhere, though, someone else was not so lucky.

Karma…moving in.

It’s been 3 full years and I was hoping the jury would do the RIGHT THING. After the amazing job the prosecution did it is PAINFULLY OBVIOUS to anyone who watched the trial that something STINKS.

Something ROTTEN happened…and it happened right in front of my eyes.

There is absolutely nothing these so called “jurors”  can say short of “I got paid to find her not guilty of anything” that I would believe.

In the past, there have not been cameras in the courtroom and juries could pull stunts like this and not have to answer for their illegal activity. This jury doesn’t have that luxury.

We all watched the same trial and something is definitely wrong with this jury…ALL OF THEM.

The ONLY reason we are still discussing this human piece of garbage is because of this foul jury, the baby killers corrupt attorneys and ALL OF THEIR constant efforts to cash in on this child’s murder!

I resent the hell out of it. They all should be investigated fully but the Florida justice system is just as corrupt as they are! They will never investigate this OBVIOUS case of jury tampering and jury misconduct.

Whatever you do don’t move to Florida…and if you live there…start voting these cretins out of office or your children will never be safe.

And I do blame Judge Belvin Perry. If I could see it…then he could see it too…

and he never did one thing about it.

It was under Perry’s watchful eye that Bozo the Clown brought disgrace into Perry’s own courtroom. I am NOT IMPRESSED.

I mean really people…could it be ANY WORSE? Is this not the WORST outcome possible and it all happened IN JUDGE PERRY’S COURTROOM!

isn’t this the very reason we have judges…to make sure the worst possible thing doesn’t happen in our courts?

This trial was a HUGE FAILURE.

The 12 Jurors who ignored mountains of testimony, evidence and science are the new villains in this terrible tragedy.

We shouldn’t even be talking about this right now. We should all be enjoying our holidays and the baby killer should have, at the very least, been found guilty of second degree murder.


I say “deserves” the death penalty because nothing has changed. I don’t consider what 12 greedy OPPORTUNISTS did in Florida this year a real verdict.

It was a joke and an insult. But most of all it was A GIANT RED FLAG that our SYSTEM IS TERRIBLY BROKEN! 

Evidence presented at trial showed that there was no “Zanny the Nanny.” It was yet another bad lie that Casey Anthony made up.  Even the defense admitted that.

The 12 people that sold our system out for a dollar and called themselves jurors apparently never once asked themselves the question….

“Then where was Caylee Anthony all those times, that Casey Anthony told everyone she was with the “Nanny?”

If Casey Anthony made up those stories about the Nanny AFTER Caylee was supposedly “accidentally drowned” then why did she do so?  Out of…what…fear? Mental illness? Imaginary friends?

Then how come she was making up “Nanny Stories” while Caylee was still alive? Did the jury ever ONCE ask themselves that question?

WHERE was Caylee BEFORE her murder when Casey Anthony claimed she was with the imaginary Nanny?

Why did Casey Anthony invent the “Nanny” BEFORE Caylee was murdered?

Money, books and interviews for many jurors…and for some…they have been able to mysteriously quit their jobs.

Imagine that. Quit their jobs after one of the most corrupt verdicts this country has seen in decades. What a coincidence.

One can only hope that such a move was a premature one and that any juror who has left their job, in the hopes of making money off of books and TV deals, will be sorely disappointed and left up the Karmic-River without a preverbal paddle.

They all rushed in and out as if they KNEW what their verdict was going to be ALL ALONG…no need to ask themselves any questions about the evidence…that may interfere with their money train.

With the imaginary Nanny in full bloom, chloroform levels in the trunk that are 10,000 times the normal amount (a fact that the jury decided to let FLY over their heads) and Caylee’s favorite doll mysteriously soaked in the chemical, it would seem that with the “arrival” of “Zanny the Nanny”, that Casey Anthony has her babysitting situation under control. This way she can rid herself of Caylee for as long as she wants to and party, when and where she wants to party.

The last known photograph of a hollow-eyed and sad Caylee. Notice the patches of missing hair.

This actually works out well from Casey Anthony’s perspective because she is killing 3 psychopathic birds with one stone:

1) Free Babysitter when and where you need it

2) Prevent Cindy and Caylee from bonding further (therefore preventing Caylee from moving into Casey Anthony’s spot as “house princess”)

3) Punish Cindy for loving Caylee more than she loved psycho Casey Anthony

It’s my opinion that through her actions and her words, it was proven beyond all doubt that Casey Anthony believed she was entitled to anything she wanted…when she wanted it and if she didn’t get it there would be hell to pay.

Casey Anthony resented the concept that she needed to “get a job.”

Casey Anthony believed that it was OWED to her to live, rent free and have all of the things she wanted in life without having to lift a finger.

Something tells me that her brainless skull STILL houses that idea.

Something also tells me that with an attitude like that…’

this killer may end up running afoul of the law again.

One hopes.

Casey Anthony, the picture of a murdering sociopath.

I have another $50 bill that says “rage” follows “disappointment” in Casey Anthony’s world and that the disappointments are already starting to add up in baby killer’s life. Her rage will be directed at those around her. She will lash out at the very people that have tried to help her. Fitting Karma for the greedy liars, cheats thieves and ghouls that have surrounded her in the hopes of cashing in.

Case Anthony made up the story of the Nanny BEFORE Caylee was murdered so that Casey Anthony could SECRET Caylee somewhere, out of site and party with her friends.

This isn’t brain surgery.

The jury gave this matter NOT ONE THOUGHT.

The jury TRIES to tell us they believed that every police officer and detective on the scene was LYING about the smell of death in the killer’s car. They want us to believe that in addition to the police lying that the cadaver dogs were somehow FRAUDULANT when they hit on the trunk of the car twice and on two separate occasions. The jury wants us to accept that they all discussed the body being in the car at the time of the murder but rejected it because they are all lying. The tow yard employee, every police officer and detective, George in his interview, Cindy in the 911 call, the FORENSICS found…ALL FALSE. ALL LIARS. ALL INVENTED. The scientists that testified…ALL LIARS.

This jury wants us to believe that it was REASONABLE for them ALL (that would be 12 SANE people)  to decide that everyone was lying about a dead body in the trunk of that car…

EXCEPT, that is…


That’s what they want us to believe.

What a freaking JOKE and the Florida justice system, who has already been involved in numerous atrocities against children through their broken system…does nothing to investigate this travesty. A debacle that Judge Perry choreographed himself.

Why did Casey Anthony make up the Nanny story before she killed Caylee?

Casey Anthony made up the “Nanny” story before Caylee was murdered because she HATED being a mother and she HATED Caylee, The evidence was CLEAR. There was 10,000 times the amount of chloroform found in the air samples of the trunk of that car, if you believe one of the most respected scientists in the country.

Casey Anthony had already devised a way to GET RID of Caylee for long periods of time so that she could PARTY with her friends and HAVE SEX with multiple partners.

She also didn’t want to leave Caylee with Cindy out of JEALOUSY.

And I’m sure if given more time I could come up with even more reasons that a mindless sociopath like Casey Anthony, would  want to get rid of a two year old child for a few hours and wouldn’t care if she came back out to her car and found Caylee SUFFOCATED.

There’s a part of me that believes this murdering witch was hoping that she would find Caylee dead, when she finally checked on her well being, after clubbing all night with her friends.

What would be a nightmare for a loving parent…a child locked in the trunk of a car for hours… became a REGULAR practice for this monster, who only cared about herself and never wanted a child to begin with.

The following is what the evidence presented at trial shows, most likely happened to poor little 2 year old Caylee Anthony, on multiple occasions.


Little Caylee is fast asleep. The kind of sleep that shuts out the outside world and takes you somewhere else for what seems like an eternity.

She has fallen into the rabbit hole and taken a trip into Wonderland…

but somewhere along the way something has happened to her head. She runs down hallways and looks into rooms, searching for her Grandma or Papa but every room is the wrong one.

Caylee’s head begins to throb more and more and she is finding it harder and harder to breathe. She is crying in her sleep and still looking for her Grandma. Caylee begins to feel sick to her stomach. Waves of nausea wash over her as she awakens in a drugged stupor.

Her head hurts from the chemical chloroform, which she is still forced to breathe.

She panics. She is alone and afraid. It is pitch dark. Does she know she is in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car? She is too little to be able to get out of the casket she is in. She wants to go home and sleep in her bed with her toys. She’s hot and she doesn’t feel good. She wants her Grandma!

Can you imagine the terror?

Can you imagine the fear?

Sick and afraid, locked in what would later become her coffin.

Caylee begins to cry and call out for her Grandma and Jo Jo.

It is a cry no one will ever hear.

The cry of a terrified child, drugged, locked in the trunk of a car, that is parked behind a bar, at 2 am in the morning.

A drunk Casey Anthony emerges from the club with her friends. They are all planning to go back to Tony’s house and party and she is going to spend  the night.

There’s only one problem…Caylee.

She realizes with annoyance that Caylee is out there in the trunk of the car and will ruin her night if she doesn’t do something about it.

The evidence supports the fact that Casey Anthony hated Caylee and wished that she had never had her. The evidence shows that Casey Anthony was JEALOUS of Caylee and all the attention she received from everyone…but especially the attention Caylee received from Cindy and George.

There is plenty of evidence in the record, via the sunshine law that Cindy Anthony and Casey Anthony argued the night of the 15th, that it was a terrible fight and that Cindy attacked Casey Anthony and tried to strangle her.

On the night of the 15th of June, 2008, Casey Anthony had finally gone too far.


Casey Anthony, house princess, who has gotten everything that she wanted her entire life…SUDDENLY out on the streets with NOTHING.

And as if that’s not bad enough…Caylee Anthony moves directly into HER SPOT as “spoiled princess” and Casey Anthony becomes a thing of the past.

In a blind rage (which was not only demonstrated in court to the jury in the form of the jailhouse tape but in the form of Casey Anthony herself, becoming enraged at the defense table) in a blind rage, Casey Anthony grabbed the nearest thing she could find, the duct tape, and wrapped it around Caylee’s wrists…

and then her face…

obstructing her air passages…


and either watching her die…or placing her somewhere and walking away, leaving Caylee to die alone.

She’d been trying to figure out how to get rid of Caylee now for months.

Good riddance. She’d figure out how to lie her way around it later.

If that doesn’t deserve the death penalty I don’t know what does.

This jury didn’t care anything about justice.

I watched an episode of 48 Hours Mystery this weekend and a  defense attorney, who did not get the verdict he wanted, made the statement that he respected the jury and the jury system, but he disagreed with the verdict.

Well I do NOT respect this jury. This is a jury of fools and traitors. The prosecution proved their case and this verdict STINKS. They broke every rule of sequestration and ran like cockroaches from the light after their foul verdict was read. They all scurried straight home and began making “deals” for interviews and quitting their jobs.

Not only do I not respect this jury I no longer respect the jury system. I am sick of hearing these stories, especially when it comes to child killers and predators.

Casey Anthony should be on death row. She should not be allowed to breathe for what she did.

She could have given Caylee to her parents to raise and gone on her way. She could have lived any life she wanted but she didn’t do that because she is a self centered, cold blooded narcissist who cares about no one and nothing but her self.

She made a DELIBERATE CHOICE to rob Caylee of her very life, rather than see her live a happy, healthy existence on Hopespring Drive.

Out of hatred and resentment and a score of petty self centered reasons, she took a human being’s life in cold blood and drove around for days with the decomposing body of HER VERY OWN CHILD in the trunk of her car.

I can tell you what she doesn’t deserve…she doesn’t deserve one red cent for her crime and her attorneys need to know that we all watched them in action. We watched them CHEAT. We watched the m LIE. We watched them pull every dirty trick in the book and they will get NO RESPECT from me.

As far as I’m concerned this won’t be over until we find out what happened and the people responsible are held accountable.

Take it to a Federal level if you have to but what this defense team has done and continues to do  is UNACCEPTABLE.

This won’t go away UNTIL THEY GO AWAY.

I just love this graphic..."Keep on Keepin On...for me" by Holly (NO MONEY FOR MURDER: Facebook group)

I do hope everyone has a great Christmas…Keep on Keeping on for Caylee!