An American disgrace. Literally nothing in the Caylee Anthony trial was about justice for this child.

This is apparently going to be the case that perpetually keeps on giving.

It keeps serving up grand moments of outrage.

Round after round.

The players in this nightmare are so despicable and the victim so innocent and lost in all of this that you can not turn away. This is the kind of behavior that can NOT be tolerated in a civilized society. From the very beginning it has been outstanding in it’s abhorrence and evil. The fact that the system and the media have ignored the blatant and ongoing atrocities that have occurred during this sad period in the history of our justice system, makes it all the more revolting and intolerable.

Florida Bar: Ok for attorneys to have sex with their clients too?

I have a life. I have dreams. I have a home. I have people in my life.

I don’t want to be addressing this nightmare. I really don’t…as a matter of  practicality… have time for this…

but some things in our society are so vile and so egregious they simply can not be tolerated and this case is saturated with such behavior!

Some things are worth standing up for.

I don’t want to live in a country where the legal system is obsolete and nothing more than a venue for people to blatanly break the law and cash in on the murder of a child.

I don’t want to live in a country where the murder of a child is turned into a cottage industry by an unethical attorney who cheated justice and broke the law at every turn and is now being rewarded for it by the Bar Association.

This might be the most egregious case of foul justice that I have ever seen. Each layer of filth peels away and reveals another festering sore underneath, such as the statement issued by Karen Y. Kirksey announcing that the bar is going to let Jose Baez slide on all the lies and cheating he was guilty of during this joke of a trial.

No big deal in Florida according to Karen Y. Kirksey.

Apparently the Florida Bar places their A-OK, stamp of approval on Jose Baez’s blatant attempts to cheat the system and defy the Judges orders, over and over again during Caylee Anthony’s trial, proving once again that Florida’s justice system represents the bottom of the barrel.

Every sleezebag and shyster attorney should pack their bags and move to Florida where the Florida Bar loves cheats and apply absolutely no rules of courtroom ethics.

What is really going on here? Does anyone else want to know the truth?

I guess in Florida it’s ok to send private investigators out to the scene of the crime to destroy evidence, too?

 It’s A-OK to move the dead body of a child and tamper with crime scenes?

 It’s probably A-OK to the Florida Bar to tamper with juries and witnesses too.

Why even bother to try and find out what went on in this case as the Florida Bar will just welcome the crook Baez home and tell him he was a bad boy.

No problem in Florida.
Even with the evidence staring them straight in the face …they look the other way and bend over backwards to reward unethical and illegal behavior!

Jose Baez: What other criminal acts has Jose Baez gotten away with in Florida?

No wonder Baez blatantly broke the rules of the court and cheated at every possible opportunity! Karen Y. Kirksey’s statement confirms that lying and cheating in court is standard fare in Florida!

Of course the “Florida Bar” wants to keep their dirty little secret safe! How much better for the members of the Florida Bar to go into court and win their cases by stacking the juries, ignoring the rules of the court and tampering with evidence!

Apparently the Florida Bar thrives on such tactics so why would they take any action against Baez?  He apparently represents them all and they are doing NOTHING TO CHANGE THAT PERCEPTION.

Florida's legal system is already a giant joke.

In Florida it’s A-OK to bleed the system dry and steal money from the tax payers by misrepresentation. It’s ok to lie to the court concerning how much money you’ve been able to make by selling photos of  the victim?

No Problem in Florida.

In Florida they will financially support their murderers if their attorney is unethical enough.

Here is the self-serving statement that Karen Y. Kirksey, spokes person for the the so called “bar association” in Florida (which I now believe is full of corrupt attorneys just like Baez) issued:

“The grievance committee also issued a letter of advice indicating that while Mr. Baez’s conduct did not warrant formal discipline, the committee believed his conduct was not consistent with the high standards of the legal profession,” spokeswoman Karen Y. Kirksey wrote in an email to the Orlando Sentinel.


Are you freaking kidding me?

“…not consistent with the high standards of the legal profession,”

What high standards?

Example of the Florida Bar's "high standards"

More "high standards" exhibited by Baez and crew.

Jose Baez and Cheney Mason encouraging their client to exhibit contempt for Judge Perry's court and the public they now seek to market themselves to.

Baez let's his feeling for the court and the public be known. Now Baez is "wooing" this very same public and expects them to respect him. Laughable indeed.

Karen Y. Kirksey…you may call it a “high” standard but this trial has exposed the Florida Bar as having NO standards.

Apparently,  the Florida Bar is oblivious to  the effect Jose Baez’s behavior has had on it’s very own reputation.

It is my belief that in order to condone this sort of blatant cheating they all must have indulged in this behavior at one time or another.

Apparently this is the norm for attorneys in Florida. No big deal.

This is why there is and never will be any justice in Florida for children or anybody else for that matter. Crooks literally run the system down there in Florida and have been polluting it for years. The result is a system that caters to criminals and attorneys who break the law and the rules of the court with absolutely no consequences.

No Justice for Children in Florida

Apparently no rules of ethics exist in Florida. None. Rotten all the way down the line. Is it any wonder that this case presents outrage after outrage? It’s one dirty secret after another crawling out from every rock and explaining everything that has happened over the past 3 years.

Welcome to Florida…where the attorneys are all cheats and the bar is LOW.

When your Bar Association refuses to clean up their own image in the middle of a crisis and has just put their stamp of approval on the out and out deceit, tampering, lies and tricks that we all witnessed for the past 3 years…you can fully expect trials like this to happen again.

It’s all A-OK in Florida! No problem! We do this all the time!

That explains it. The standard of behavior is so low in Florida that Baez did nothing wrong according to the bar.

I guess Jose Baez is just one of the gang down there in Florida now. Welcome to the bar “Mr. Baez” (Cue circus music.)

Graphic created by a concerned citizen. Broken justice in Florida...all the way down the line.

I honestly can’t believe the level of corruption that exists down there. It’s a giant wake up call that the Florida Bar, one of the last safety valves that the public was relying on …has proved itself to be accepting of these tactics.

With criminals literally permeating every crevice of Florida’s legal system and the Bar Association putting their stamp of approval on cheats and crooks, it looks like there ‘s going to be an even bigger crime wave down the line for the state of Florida.

No justice in Florida is an understatement.

The Bar Association had a chance to change the public’s perception of the Florida system and they took a pass.

Doesn’t that speak mountains as to who they really are?
Just another group of crooks who like the rules exactly the way they are…easily broken…no consequences. 

Don’t look now Florida…but you are in trouble.

The thing that mattered the least in the Caylee Anthony trial