Laura Buchanan accused of falsifying documents and testimony that favors the defense.

It’s a great question and one that I have asked since this happened. Apparently I am not the only one…as I found quite a few articles on the subject that have long been forgotten.

I remember when this happened and just like every little thing in this trial that has been questionable from the beginning, the Florida legal system let Baez slide on this, among a cacophony of other blatant offenses.

Why Jose Baez is allowed to practice law and dirty up the name of defense attorneys all over the state of Florida and beyond…I have not yet figured out but it is a question that deserves asking again and again, until someone down there in the land of crooks and child killers answers it.

If you remember, the defense was going on fishing expeditions at the beginning of this trial, desperately attempting to get EquiSearch to release all of the records on each and every volunteer so they could basically dig up as much dirt as possible on all of them.

All this to ruin someone else’s life and deflect the blame off the real baby killer who was sitting just as smug as you please at the defense table..completely sure her unscrupulous attorneys were going to get her acquitted.

Not a doubt in her pea brain about it.

Tim Miller stated that he was absolutely confident the area where Caylee was eventually found was underwater when thousands of volunteers with Texas EquiSearch combed through the east Orange County neighborhood in 2008 and it was well documented that indeed it was under water.

But that didn’t stop Jose Baez and the defense from searching for a TE worker that would state differently.

The biggest liar of them all. Unethical and dirty, Baez in the act of fabricating complete BS, with absolutely no evidence... for a rotten, greedy jury.

Tim Miller quote:

“Many calls coming in people say it was underwater. We’ve got one person out there that says it wasn’t. Well they’re either lying or they have to convince more people,” said Texas EquiSearch founder Tim Miller.

That one person was Laura Buchanan who eventually said in a SWORN STATEMENT that she searched the spot where Caylee’s body was found and Caylee was not there!

Total and complete LIE.

However, perhaps NOT so “odd” as this particular case goes… another searcher, Joe Jordan, told investigators Buchanon tried to get him to go along with her story too!

Now why would she do that?

Tim Miller stated: “I don’t think her story is over with.”

Of course Tim Miller isn’t from Florida…so naturally he would assume that the story of Laura Buchanan LIAR AND FAKER OF EVIDENCE THAT FAVORS THE DEFENSE…would somehow be addressed by the system.

Egg on his face.

Tim Miller, Caylee's HERO. He was treated with complete contempt by Cindy and George Anthony. His attempts to locate Caylee's little body would shut down the Anthony's ability to scam people out of money to look for a "live Caylee"

Tim Miller is probably well aware now…as we all are…that in Florida you can break the law ad nauseum…especially during a murder case…and no one will ever do anything about it.

We all now recognize that Florida is the absolute worst place in the world to expect anything that even faintly resembles justice.

So when Tim Miller made that statement, he wasn’t expecting that the justice system in Florida would shove this travesty under the carpet with all the other dirty secrets that have presented themselves to us from the state of Florida via this joke of a trial.

Judge Perry sat back and handed his courtroom over to a gang of crooks ON NATIONAL TELEVISION…

and the Florida Bar is still trying to pretend like it was all our imagination.

Complete bullshit.

How “absolutely” typical for a group that consists of low-life defense attorneys to underestimate the intelligence of the public.

The jury that MURDERED JUSTICE..

While the Florida Bar underestimates the intelligence of the public and proves that they are part of the problem…

the American public remains sickened as the system in Florida fails again and again and fuels the rage.

The anger grows as we watch the terrible state of affairs that exist down there in the “land of child killers” proving that if you want to break the law, murder your child or your spouse, cheat on your taxes and make up your own rules…go to Florida.

The legal system will accommodate you there and the juries are as rotten as you are…and easily bought.

The Florida Bar likes it just the way it is…rotten to the core.

That’s how they win trials down there in Florida.

No way 12 people bought this bag of lies without the stink of MONEY.

Defense attorneys are not looking for intelligent and honest jurors.”Absolutely” not.

They want the dumbest of the dumb and if they get a cheater and a crook in there…they’ve won the lottery.

I can promise you that every single member of that Bar, gets on their hands and knees and prays to God that they get a jury as rotten and stupid as these 12 were…every single night of their lives.

Poor Caylee got a jury of criminals and simpletons who spit in the face of justice.

How many of the “not guilty” verdicts that have come out of Florida have been the result of jury tampering?

I would submit to you that you would be shocked if you knew the truth.

Exhibit A is the fact that the Florida Bar finds nothing wrong with Baez and his blatant disrespect for the rules of the court and the LAW.

The Florida bar doesn’t want a thing to change because if they have to play fair then their clients would all end up in prison where they couldn’t hurt anyone else…

and that is the best reason to seek change!

To that end let’s talk about Laura Buchanon in the context of Patricia Young.

Patricia Young, witness for the defense, contaminated an entire pool of jurors which proved a key coup in setting a killer free

What the hell is going on here?

That’s TWO Texas Equisearch volunteers…that have upset this trial with SKETCHINESS and been linked to the DEFENSE.

Does anyone else find this as rotten as I do?

We haven’t even started discussing Dominick Casey, which I intend on writing a series of articles about this Spring (along with getting petitions ready to change the jury system so that we never see a jury like this again.)

What THE HELL is going on here? Does anyone else want to know the TRUTH?

The stink of the Domnick Casey episode is still permeating every fiber of this rotten verdict.

Psychic indeed! Bull crap.

Who among you doubt that this dirty, sleazy defense team would stoop to any rotten, nasty trick to get to this jury? The Patricia Young incident alone has jury tampering written all over it!

Why Judge Perry allowed this go un-reprimanded and un-investigated is not only beyond me it has me questioning HIM now.

And the plot thickens…

Indeed…how did Baez get away with everything that he did and not be held responsible?

Watch Jose Baez do a “cowboy-six-gun” happy dance BEFORE THE VERDICT WAS READ.

You can blame Baez because imo he is a sleazebag, a cockroach, a creep and a grave robber…the lowest of the low…

but I am now beginning to blame the system that turned a blind eye to every illegal and rotten thing the defense and the killer’s family pulled during this trial.

It is “absolutely” disgraceful that in a high profile case like this there are so many dirty events that reek of illegal activity on the side of the defense and yes on the jury as wellall of them BREAKING THE LAW and the rules of the court, wantonly right in front of our faces and not one move by the authorities to stop it.

Intolerable and fodder for articles exposing these pigs for years to come.

They just don’t know it yet.

Jose Baez proves he's not ready for any kind of "prime time" by sticking his tongue out at the COURT and the PUBLIC that he now expects to welcome him into their homes.

It is something that I believe can still be investigated by the authorities along with the Patricia Young debacle and charges could still be filed against the people involved.

While the Florida bar get’s on their hands and knees and prays for a rotten jury like Caylee got, every night before they go to bed…

I pray that in the future…every single dirty rotten act committed by the defense will be exposed and they will be eventually made to pay criminally, for what they have done.

So now…enter Laura Buchanan.

What a coincidence!


What are the odds?

Just as Baez is running through all the names that he can get his greasy rat-like paws on…


Instant witness! Just one problem…

it’s a total LIE.

But that’s not the end of this story.

It appears that while Bozo-Baez was running around trying to throw “decomp” on anyone he could find…he was also mis-representing conversations with Brad Conway to the court.

Here is a segment from a GREAT article written by Andrea O’Connell on January 31 of 2011 outlining the details:

“Nancy Grace would be bellowing: BOMBSHELL about the interview between Brad Conway and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Why?  There are serious implications against Mr. Jose Baez.

The scenario, or situation that I am about to discuss, goes back to Laura Buchanan and her propensity for making up grand stories that might just help the Defense team a whole lot. It also involves Mortimer Smith, Andrea Lyon’s private investigator, and his propensity to elaborate without basis of fact.

As you know, there is a separate case being pursued against Laura Buchanan.  In the process of pursuing her case, issues have come to light that do not shed a good light on Jose Baez.

The cast of characters in this story are: Jose Baez, Mortimer Smith, Laura Buchanan, Mark NeJame, Brad Conway, Joe Jordan, OCSO, and indirectly, George and Cindy Anthony.”

Sketchy, sketchy, sketchy, sketchy, sketchy!

Smug as smug can be as he cheats justice and makes fools out of Judge Perry and the Florida justice system.

The article goes on to say that in February of 2010 Jose Baez began contacting Brad conway and trying to get Conway to contact Laura Buchanan for him!

Conway did not consider it his job and didn’t do it.

Well of course it’s not Conway’s job to contact Laura Buchanon!

It was a cheap, dirty trick designed to put DISTANCE between Baez and this witness and find out what Conway knew.

Conway did NOT fall for it.

Brad Conway: He gets little sympathy from me for being a Baez stooge. As far as I am concerned he placed himself right in the middle of a den of vipers and paid the price.

Brad Conway was already onto Baez and his slime filled bag of nasty tricks because Baez went behind his back to work with the Anthonys to get a waiver signed. The waiver would release Mark NeJame from a contract with the Anthonys so that he could then be free to represent Tim Miller. Baez wanted NeJame off the case.

I don’t think it takes Einstein to figure out that Baez is nothing but a “shoe shine-boy” (and a bad one at that)  compared to Mark Nejame’s skill and expertise. But having watched Baez in action for some time now…it’s my opinion that there were more ulterior motives for Baez wanting NeJame to take Tim Miller on as a client.

Jose Baez would be able to pull more cheap clown tricks if Nejame was out of the picture…and…Cheap Clown trick #1: NeJame’s possession of “Equisearch documents” would prove most valuable to Baez.

Here is another snippet from Andrea’s article:

“Baez also asked Brad to look in the TES records, stored in NeJames office, and look for the name Laura Buchanan on any of the documents from TES.  Brad did this for Baez and found no documents with Buchanan’s name.”

I repeat…

found no documents with Buchanan’s name.”

and as Andrea so succinctly points out in her article…this would lead one to believe that the documents were still in Miss Buchanan’s possession!


Mark NeJame: Too much integrity for Bozo-Baez. NeJame would be MY first choice for an attorney if I ever needed one. My second choice would be MORGAN AND MORGAN.

So now Baez starts bugging Conway again about talking to Laura Buchanan…

“Have you talked to Laura Buchanan yet? Have you huh? Huh? Huh?”

Brad Conway states:

“It was odd to me that he was asking me this in.. in 2010 because in 2009 we’d gone through Joe Jordan and.. and other individuals that had supposedly exculpatory information and then it didn’t pan out. So, now you know we’re into February 2010, and now where Buchanan is coming up again. Ah, we’re.. you know ah, ten months, nine, ten months after he first started asking me aboutLaura Buchanan and these documents that would help his client out. And he’s still asking me if… if “I” ever got a hold of her? If “I” ever got these documents? And again that strikes me as extremely bizarre that documents that would be that important if they existed, wouldn’t be in his hands by now.”

And here is where it gets oh so interesting…

Conway finally figured out that Baez was “testing” him to see of he knew anything about the forms.

Snippet from Andrea’s article:

“Bottom line to this scenario, Brad came to the conclusion that Baez was “testing” him to see if he knew anything about the purported exculpatory documents.  Why?  Because they had been altered and Laura was soon to be the next star witness for the Defense.  Laura was also asserting the Joe Jordon searched with her, which is not true.

In addition, Baez, in open court, and with Brad Conway right there in the courtroom, makes statements that are untrue with regards to Brad.  The dialogue that follows is from an October 3, 2010 interview with OCSO,  SA is Sergeant John Allen.  BC is Brad Conway.”

BC: Ah, where the defense made representation that I was aware that there was information in the EquuSearch records that were essentially exculpatory or in other words, they said that the body was.. wasn’t there um, while.. the body was not there during the period of time when Caylee.. Casey Anthony was in jail.

SA:  But the defense being, the defense being whom made this representations to the judge?

BC: Mr. Baez.

SA: Mr. Baez made these representations to the court. Um, and at which time you thought what?

BC:  Bullshit. I.. bullshit it didn’t happen.

SA: Okay, and you never, you never told Mr. Baez it happened?

BC: No.

SA: So, you have no idea why he would represented that to the court?

BC:  Absolutely not especially with me sitting right there in the courtroom.

SA:  Okay. Um, once again we’re not lawyers I mean is it, is that normal for one lawyer to make representation to the judge in open court ah, when it’s not A, it’s not true and B, it’s not true with the other attorney that he’s making representations about be sitting right there in the courtroom?

BC:  No it’s not normal, it’s not typical because when you’re making a representation to a judge sometimes you’re wrong. But you don’t want to be wrong so you go out of your way to make sure that what you’re telling a judge is true and correct. Especially when the lawyer you’re talking about is sitting right in that courtroom.

SA:  Forgive, forgive my ignorance ‘cause (Inaudible)… we have to testify on the stand under oath. Is it, us there.. is there any problem with a lawyer knowingly representing something to the judge that’s not true?

BC:  Absolutely there is ah, it’s against the rules of professional conduct and although you’re not swearing under oath as a lawyer. You are an officer of court.. of the court and so you’re held to that standard of telling the truth as best you know. If you happen to mistaken that’s one thing. But if you’re intentionally misrepresenting facts to a judge.  Ah, you’re putting your bar license on.. on the line.

SA:  And he made these representations to the court with you in the courtroom?

BC:  Yes sir.

SA: And you have no idea where he would’ve gotten it from?

BC: I have no idea where he would’ve gotten it from because I know I didn’t tell him that.

SA: But the representation was that, was that he got this or that you had seen these in.. in the EquuSearch records correct?

BC:  That’s correct.

SA:  Okay.”

So what the hell is Laura Buchanan doing falsifying Texas Equisearch documents so they favor the defense?

What is Jose Baez’s role in all of this?


"I can't believe it worked!"

What is Laura Buchanan doing running around trying to get other TE workers to LIE  and state that the area where Caylee’s body was found was under water when it was not?

Why has Baez not been punished for lying to the court about Brad Conway?

Is this investigation still open?

Could it be re-opened to discover who was involved and what their roles are?

Can people still be punished for their roles in this if it is found that they participated in fabricating evidence in a murder trial?

Remember good people…we are talking about FLORIDA…where it’s basically the wild wild west and there is NO JUSTICE.

That’s the most infuriating part.

Blatant trickery, cheating, breaking the law and lying to the court is just “standard fare” down there.

Too stupid...or greedy and dirty?

This definitely needs to be investigated…but I hold no hopes for anyone to do anything about it in Florida.

This little, tiny, sleazy man has proven himself a giant pustule on our legal system and he should be surgically removed along with the rest of the people that have enabled this travesty to continue.

There will be lots more on Miss Laura Buchanan this year…MUCH more.

SWEET LITTLE CAYLEE: Her life was worth nothing to our justice system.

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