Jane Velez Mitchell is no longer allowed in my home after years of loyal viewing and my life has improved immeasuralby.

Jane Velez Mitchell claims to be cured of all her addictions, yet it is clear to  her ever-dwindling fan base that her addiction to drugs and alcohol have given way to a new one…

“Money and Fame”

at any price.

Case in point:

What if Casey Anthony was accused of chloroforming a neighbor’s dog then wrapping duct tape around it’s entire head and suffocating it?

What if she then drove around for three days with the body of the dead dog in the trunk of her car and partied with her friends?  What if she eventually dumped the dog’s rotting body at a trash dump down the street from where she lived?

What if her so called “attorney” sent private investigators out to the dump site to find the dog’s body and destroy it, so that Casey Anthony could avoid paying for her cruelty and her crime against this animal?

What if the evidence was exactly the same…as it was in this trial?

The trial of a murdered child, except the victim was an animal instead of a tiny, helpless human being?

Does anyone believe that Jane Velez Mitchell would jump on the bandwagon to help any of these scumbags profit from this heinous act if Caylee Anthony was a dog?

Jane Velez Mitchell screams at the top of her lungs over animal cruelty while she turns into a predadtor when it comes to small children. She consistently tries to reward mothers who kill their children in cold blood by turning them into celebrities.

Does anyone believe that JVM would do anything but scream at the top of her voice for a solid hour about how evil these two monsters are, night after night?

Does anyone believe that she would be groveling at the feet of someone who did something like this to a helpless animal or a so called attorney who tried every dirty underhanded trick he could think of to set this monster free?

Don’t look now Jane…but your addictions are showing.

Money and fame at all costs.

It is just as addicting as drugs…and Jane’s got it bad.

Jane has now become a predator herself by consistently  showing her distain for this victim and trying to glorify her killer and the man who many believe paid this jury off.

JVM became addicted to the ratings she got during this trial and like everyone over there at CNN still doesn’t seem to understand that it was justice that drove this story.

They just don’t want to listen to their viewers over there at HLN and Jane has told her viewers as much.  They are so blinded by greed…they don’t want to listen to their own viewers!

Like a spoiled child with her hands over her ears…she refuses to listen to the truth.

The TRUTH is something that JVM does not want to hear.

Instead, Jane Velez Mitchell chooses to throw her fans away.

Loud and abrasive, Jane Velez Mitchell interrupts her guests nightly, sucks up to the most despised “defense attorney” and child killer of the 21st century and throws her fans away.

They must have some kind of “gas leak” over there at HLN and “In Session”…or they are spiking the water cooler with hallucinogens.

The ratings are telling us that Jane Velez Mitchell does not have so many fans that she can now start throwing them away but she is so needy for fame and money that she can’t “let go” of the “dream.”

Sounds like an addict to me. She’s working that point of diminishing return…trying to squeeze every dime she can out of it. She is using Caylee’s murder to the very end and she is siding with this killer…

and if you don’t like it you can change the channel.

She’s telling her fan base to take a hike when they try to point out to her, that she is hurting her own reputation and her show ratings by associating herself with this killer and her team of bottom feeders.

Jane Velez Mitchell is so addicted to getting her ratings (ie: money and fame) that she doesn’t see what she has become.

She’s drunk with what little TV-power she has…and she has very little.

Letters pouring in from long time viewers such as myself….by the truckloads.

Letters and emails telling HLN  and “In Session” exactly why they are losing their viewers.

All falling on deaf ears.

Jane Velez Mitchell cares far more about animals then she does the small helpless life of a murdered child. In her attempts to make child killer, Anthony a rich TV star she has exposed herself as an uncaring, unfeeling predator who has nothing but disdain for murdered children and money on the brain.

Did I want to stop watching Headline News?

No…but they made it impossible for me to continue watching them.

They just don’t get it and Jane Velez Mitchell is is at the front of  the “Denial Parade.”

What does she say when her fans tell her they are horrified with her constant cow-towing to the Defense team in this case?

“Bring it!”

Take a good look. THIS is who Jane Velez Mitchell has chosen to align herself with in the terrible murder of a helpless child.

Somehow she has gotten the idea in her greedy head, that this lying baby killer and her cheating attorney were of “interest” to the public and by God she wants some of that action!

JUSTICE…was the reason people were interested in this story, Jane.

Something I see you suddenly have NO interest  in…when you think there is money to be made!

This is what Jane Velez Mitchell is supporting and by supporting this killer…THIS is exactly what she is saying to her viewers.

People wanted to see justice for Caylee Marie Anthony and all we saw was an unethical and novice attorney,  lying, cheating and breaking the law for three full years.

Much like Jane Velez Mitchell likes to see “justice” for animals and would be screaming for “justice” if Caylee were a dog…

the fact that she doesn’t understand this simple fact as it applies to a child…is not only extremely disturbing but it has exposed her as a fraud.

More examples of  what Jane Velez Mitchell attaches herself to.

I do not take Jane Velez Mitchell seriously anymore at all and have not watched her show since the verdict.

She is a fake and a predator who calls herself an “activist” and claims to care about “human rights”….but in reality is exploiting the murder of an innocent child for money.

If you are like me and have followed HLN and their ratings lately then you know that Jane Velez Mitchell’s rating have gone steadily downhill since this verdict…and are now hovering between 200-300 every night.

Lately, like last Thursday, they came in under 200 and I have noticed this happening more and more lately.

Yes Jane. It effects your ratings when you throw away your fans.

THIS is what Jane Velez Mitchell has told her fans to do.

Why am I even having to type this out?

It seems like journalism 101 to the rest of us.

So who out there believes that supporting Jose Baez and his book of lies is going to be the thing that puts Jane Velez Mitchell back on the map?

Jane Velez Mitchell does.

This is Jane Velez Mitchell’s message to her fans.

She is in denial. Classic phase of addiction. Perhaps she should read her own book…

“I want…”

I turned Jane Velez Mitchell off of my television after being a loyal viewer for years. I watched her first show and continued to watch her the entire time she has been on the air…in spite of the abrasive and toxic nature of her presentation…

up until I couldn’t take it anymore.

After watching her chase Jose Baez down the street and begging him to glance her way, I lost every bit of respect I ever had for her.

“You remember me Mister Baez…don’t you? I’m Jane Velez Mitchell! I have a TV show on Headline News! Please please Mr. Baez…if you could just look in my direction!”

Maybe one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen…next to poor Caylee’s bones laid out on the coroner’s table.

Really Jane?

You call yourself an activist?

What a joke.

Jane Velez Mitchell has no problem  rolling in the mud with child killers and their dishonest attorneys. She proves to America that her motivation has nothing to do with HELPING children and everything to do with CAPITALIZING off of their murders. IMO she is just as much a PREDATOR as her buddy Baez and her BFF baby killing “protege.”

It’s really quite sad to watch someone that I once admired make an utter and complete fool of herself, grovel at the feet of a slime ball like Baez and attach herself to a group of common thugs who are surrounding a cold blooded baby killer.

All so that she can satisfy her addiction to “things.”

Possessions, objects, fame and money mean so much to Jane Velez Mitchell, that she has attached herself and her “good name” to pure evil.

Because of the way HLN continues to try and shove this charlatan down everyone’s throat…(in spite of the fact that their viewers have asked them repeatedly to please stop)…

HLN wants to turn it into a cottage industry for women to kill their children and get away with it…

and Jane Velez Mitchell is right there the forefront of this movement.

Jane Velez Mitchell may want to run over (chop! chop!) and help this baby killer get her finger all the way up. This is the message that JVM has steadily sent to her viewers.

“Murder your child and get away with it…and I’ll do everything in my power to make you a star and help you cash in.”

Some “activist.”

HLN and CNN specifically have tried to force this killer down a weary public’s esophagus, in spite of the fact that the public has asked them repeatedly to please stop it!

What other network has been given this many chances to change their programming and save their viewers?

Life is cheap on “Issues” with Jane Velez Mitchell.

They don’t deserve my viewership anymore and I took that away from them the day of the verdict.

Have not watched HLN since that horrible day and I never will again. NO “In Session” either.

Jane Velez Mitchell only sealed the deal with her “bring it!” remark.

Jane Velez Mitchell has literally refused to stop aligning herself with this killer and the most hated attorney alive.

NO. She says. I will support this baby killer and her cheating attorney because I want the ratings.

What was left of Caylee Anthony when her monster mother was through with her. What if this shape has been that of a DOG?

She has told her fans to take a hike…if they don’t like it.

Wow. Ok. No problem Jane.

What they have done now at HLN…is create a situation through the coverage of this case…where there is no way I am going to invest myself in this type of programming again…only to sit and watch their commentators…put their stamp of approval on this incredibly foul spectacle.

I have never seen anything so vile in my entire life as the behavior of this so-called “defense attorney” and this killer..

It’s because of In Session and shows that focus on trials that I have something to compare this entire investigation and trial to.

This was wrong…on so many levels I don’t know where to start…but the media…specifically HLN and Jane Velez Mitchell…is a good place.

Caylee Anthony, hardly ever mentioned on HLN.

JVM does not know her viewers at all and doesn’t care to get to know them.

Why people continue to watch her show is beyond me. My life has been enhanced immeasurable by simply turning HLN off and never going back.

No longer do I hear the loud and unpleasant tones of JVM shouting over her guests and keeping them from speaking. No longer am I subjected to antagonizing sounds coming through my TV and into my home, angering me…causing the rage I already feel inside over what I have seen for the past three years… to grow.

In my mind Jane Velez Mitchell stands for nothing and she never will after this.

Caylee Anthony murdered by her mother, the system and the media

There’s a word for people like her…and it’s not “streetwalker” either.

I have much more respect for streetwalkers because most of them have drug habits to support.

But then, far from being cured…Jane Velez Mitchell has sold her most precious possession for her current drug of choice, money and ratings…

her pride and her good name.

Caylee Anthony…the forgotten victim.