Caylee Marie Anthony…not forgotten.

Yesterday would have been Caylee Marie Anthony’s 7th birthday.

Could it really have been that long?

I spent the day thinking about what it must have been like…to be…Caylee Marie Anthony.

Her little life was so short…and so many have tried to erase her very existence. It struck me what a powerful little presence she is…even now.

Even now Caylee Marie Anthony…remains strong.

Although people have tried, with all of their might, to turn the murder of a little 2 year old girl into a money well for themselves and in the process make everyone forget the victim…

they have failed miserably at every juncture and my prediction is that they will continue to fail.

It is the name “Caylee Marie Anthony” that will live on in people’s hearts, long after the monsters who facilitated her murderer have disappeared into oblivion.

Caylee Marie Anthony.

Iconic photo of Caylee Marie Anthony. This photo was one of the first photos to be published of Caylee. People have used it in artwork honoring her and showing support of justice n this case. It will surely be the thing that lives on in this case long after the evil characters in this tragedy are forgotten.

Judge Belvin Perry should study her name and get it right…she is the victim…she is the reason he has a job in the first place. I never heard Judge Perry refer to the victim, Caylee Anthony, by name once. Not once did he say her name out loud. A little girl who never had a chance in life and was wiped out of existence in Judge Perry’s courtroom.

I often wonder if Caylee Marie Anthony had been a black child if Judge Belvin Perry might have remembered her name ? Race seemed to be an issue for Judge Perry during this trial.

Caylee Marie Anthony was not a person to Judge Belvin Perry and it showed.

She was NOT WORTH justice to Judge Perry and it showed.

Caylee Marie Anthony did not matter to our system or to the Judge who presided over her very own trial.

Judge Belvin Perry wants us to forget about Caylee Marie Anthony.

Sweet little Caylee: Abandoned by virtually everyone in life and death.

I wonder if the voter’s of Florida think that “justice worked” in this case?

It was a case that the prosecution proved with science and evidence while the defense countered with pure unadulterated lies and capitalized on the bad characters of everyone involved in the process including the jury and the judge.

I wonder if the people of Florida would like to see their own loved one tossed aside like trash in a court of law like Caylee Anthony was  in Belvin Perry’s courtroom?

For all the world to see, every single person involved with this trial, with the exception of the prosecution, has murdered Caylee Marie Anthony over and over again…and that includes the media.

And yet the name Caylee Marie Anthony still lives on in people’s hearts. Caylee Anthony’s voice is still strong and she lives through the people who refuse to forget what they saw happen.

Caylee Marie Anthony was a person. A human being who deserved to live just like anybody else. She was  a charming and beautiful child, who had all the potential in the world but was born into a family that doomed her from the very beginning.

In my opinion, the entire Anthony family murdered Caylee Marie Anthony and the murder weapon was a dangerous sociopath that they have protected for years and continue to cover up for.

They ALL murdered Caylee Marie Anthony.

Caylee Marie Anthony has been the inspiration of artwork honoring her short life and the work can be seen all over the internet. Try as they might the media cannot make the public forget her name.

George and Cindy Anthony murdered Caylee Marie Anthony by sending her out daily with a monster they knew was a predator and capable of anything.

In my opinion they were protecting themselves when they cleaned that car out… as much as they were someone that they knew full well was a killer. Their own reputations made it paramount  that they cover up the murder of their grandchild.

The entire Anthony family knew exactly what happened in that car…just like the rest of the world knows and the jury knows.

Each and every juror who sold justice down the river for a piece of the pie should have to hear the name Caylee Marie Anthony for the rest of their lives and know that people are not going to forget what they did.

Caylee Anthony Superstar! by David Cook

They have doomed themselves to a life of speculation and accusations because the name Caylee Marie Anthony is not going to “go away.”

We have not forgotten Caylee Anthony as they all want us to do. She would have been 7 year old yesterday and I saw hundreds of tributes to Caylee all over the internet yesterday.

The jury FAILED in their attempt to erase Caylee Marie Anthony.

The jury failed in murdering Caylee Marie Anthony…yet one more time.

Not one juror cared enough about the life of this child to do the right thing and discuss the actual evidence…instead they conspired to cheat a little of justice and disobey the rules of the court.

The jury should look over their shoulders for the rest of their days and wonder if someone in this case is going to talk because the name Caylee Anthony is not going to go away and their names are now linked with this disgrace forever.

It was the final insult to a little girl, who did nothing to deserve what happened to her and has captured the hearts of millions.

Jose Baez should be forced to look at photos of Caylee Marie Anthony… for the rest of his life and know that the fame and fortune he sought so desperately could have been his had he not murdered Caylee Anthony over and over and over again… in order to achieve it.

The name Caylee Marie Anthony will never go away because she now stands for so many children who are forgotten by everyone.

Caylee Anthony, the only victim in this case.

Her family should remember that people all over the world care what happened to a 2 year old child named Caylee Marie Anthony… even as they dance on her bones.

The media, who have  exposed themselves as “morally bankrupt”…dancing on the grave of a child… and covering up the truth…all so that they can turn her killer into a TV star and boost their own ratings.

Caylee Marie Anthony was a person. She was a human being.

Precious Caylee: Casualty of a broken system.

The media would love for people to forget her name.

She was a beautiful child that played with her doll and laughed out loud. She could have done anything with her life…but was robbed of the chance by the one who was supposed to protect her more than anyone.

Anyone would have wanted to adopt and care for this little person with the big smile, the beautiful face and the personality that has reached out from the screen and stolen everyone hearts.

Her name is Caylee Marie Anthony.

Caylee Marie Anthony. A real person.


Caylee Marie Anthony has paid with her life and exposed the dirt that lies underneath our so called system of justice.

Caylee Marie Anthony has sacrificed her justice exposing frauds in the media and heartless attempts to turn child killers into a cottage industry.

Caylee Marie Anthony has  exposed  them all as liars and frauds.

Her own family…

the justice system…

the media…

all frauds.

We owe Caylee Marie Anthony and should never forget her name. She has paved the way for justice in this country by sacrificing her own.

Caylee Marie Anthony’s life was a short…but she has done great things for justice.

It is because of  Caylee Marie Anthony and the disgrace that we were all forced to watch happen in Courtroom 23a, in Pinnelas County, Florida, that all eyes are on the system now and change is in the air.

It is because of the great sacrifice that Caylee Anthony has made that the public is now aware of just how dirty the system and the media really are.

Caylee Anthony. Why did 12 people conspire to ignore the evidence and set her killer free?

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes…I wouldn’t have believed it.

I hope that Caylee can rest in peace soon. I hope the universe see’s fit to bring a higher justice to her.

This blog is here in her honor and it is no small contribution that this little person has made to society.

We thank you Caylee Marie Anthony…may you rest in peace soon.

Caylee Anthony: RIP