Jeff Ashton’s book “Imperfect Justice” will be the defining version of this trial. After January it will no longer be “Bozo the Clown” but it will be “Johnny Cockroach” who lives on in time.

Casey Marie Anthony is 100% guilty  of murdering Caylee Marie Anthony in cold blood.

Jeff Ashton will define the Caylee Anthony trial for America and set the record straight, once and for all… in his upcoming Lifetime Movie “Imperfect Justice.”

Looking back…

you would think if someone’s helpless grandchild was suffocated with duct tape and thrown down the street like trash, that the grandparents would be outraged and want justice.

America was unprepared for the hideous freak show that would turn out to be the Anthony family.  Since when are grandparents crooks, liars, thieves, cheats and ghouls?

The answer: Since this case.

Since when are grandparents going out of their way to conspire and cover up for the killer?

Since when do grandparents cash in on the murder of their  2 year old grandchild?

Precious Caylee: A mere money machine to her family after death

The answer to these questions are…

ever since the Anthony’s put their psychotic faces on TV and forced all of America to drink their caustic brew of lies and deceit…that’s when.

Not since Jackie Peterson has there been a family more sickening to watch then George and Cindy Anthony. Vulgar and  stinking of the grift, the Anthonys happily eat crab puffs and dine at fancy restaurants, spending blood money and having the time of their ives….all  while searchers crawl on their hands and knees looking for pieces of their murdered granddaughter.

Never has America been so revolted by human beings as they have been this defendant and her family.

In that sense…George Anthony absolutely deserves to be blamed for this crime, even though virtually everyone  knows exactly how and who killed Caylee Anthony.

Even the people from CROSS CHURH know what happened…no matter what they say. They all smell money…but they all know the truth.

Casey Anthony was proven guilty beyond any doubt, in a public trial that convinced 98% of trial watchers that she deserved life in prison or the death penalty.

That’s what happened.

Caylee’s jury of FOOLS.

The 12 traitors who conspired to cheat, lie, break the rules of the court, talk on their cell phones, discuss the evidence among themselves and do what ever they could to thwart justice…can go to their graves knowing that no one respects this verdict and most people believe that one or more of them were paid to pretend to be…

too stupid to understand the law and the evidence.

I think what made this whole thing worse was people like Dr. Phil…who are supposed to have at least a milli-leter of common sense. And here you have this giant sociopath…actually publicly enabling  and supporting  these ghouls. Ghouls who feed off the blood of their grandchild and delight in their murdering daughter’s evil act.

Thanks to this corrupt jury and morally reprehensible media whores like Dr. Phil…and thanks to the countless unwanted television appearances of this sick twisted family…I know exactly what this killer is saying right now…with her families support…

“Killing Caylee was the best thing I ever did!”


“Dr.” Phil bathes in the blood of victims to boost his sagging ratings.

It’s no wonder Casey Anthony grew up to be a dirty, smelly, nasty child killer. Just take a look at her parents.

In case anyone is wondering…the prosecution proved their case to me beyond all doubt…just like they did to 98% of America.

The jury broke the rules of sequestration.

The jury was tainted by defense witness Patricia Woods.

Judge Perry allowed the jury to talk amongst themselves about the evidence and the case during the trial…which is patently illegal and deprived Caylee Anthony of a fair trial.

Her own family deprived Caylee Anthony of a fair trial.

CINDY AND GEORGE ANTHONY: Profiting from murder seems to be their talent.

This trial was flat out illegal…and we all saw it…yet Caylee doesn’t get to appeal because she’s not a murderer, a liar and a thief, like the defendant in this case.

People will be talking about this rotten dirty trial for years to come and use it to make changes in the system… so people like Judge Alex Ferrer better get over it. The system did NOT work.

When you have a jury composed of criminals, unintelligent and uneducated people, people who can’t speak English, people with no common sense what so ever, people with no reasoning skills, people with agendas out the wazoo…when you are forced to accept 12 greedy unscrupulous morons…

you end up with a corrupt verdict.

When you have a corrupt jury…and you get a corrupt judge…then you end up with a corrupt verdict.

I know what I saw…and no amount of media spin is ever going to change it.

Jose Baez wasn’t dancing in the halls before the verdict was read… for no reason. He knew.

Jose Baez dances with glee and pretends to be a cowboy in the wild wild west…immediately before the verdict was read

The only thing this jury has done… is prove to me that jury tampering in a high profile case is far easier in Florida then anyone could ever imagine. There is no way that this verdict is honest. It is as foul as they come and it is a loud warning that our system is seriously broken.

But Karma, in her relentless quest to right wrongs,  will come back to bite them in the face eventually and she will bite hard.

She has already played a very dirty trick on Jose Baez and the whole Anthony gang.

It was not Jose Baez that got the great big money deal that he had been expecting and relying so heavily on for the 3 full years he cheated, lied and broke the law. Baez burned the landscape, tore down bridges and virtually scathed everyone in his way , with no regard for the law or the rules of the court.

Baez joined hands with the Anthonys and they all went on a  criminal rampage and they took out everyone in their path. He tried to  pave the road for himself…he…Jose Baez… to sell a movie to Lifetime and write his lies down in a book. Jose Baez fully expected and never doubted for one minute that he would  rake in millions and be set for life.

The jury rewarded Casey Anthony for murdering a baby and costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars with wanton and poorly thought out lies. Virtually anyone can do this. Expect more of the same in Florida, as a direct result of what this jury did.

But the jury doesn’t have the last word this time.

The jury system does not have the last word this time because no one respects this verdict and no one believes that the system worked.

The public’s perception of this jury is reflected in art work all over the internet (Artist Unknown)

What this jury has done is unconscionable. They have destroyed America’s faith in the system and proven to America that the system does not work anymore. The moment they opened their stupid mouths they showed the world that the jury system needs to be revised and standards need to be applied to jurors in a case like this.

This jury might as well be a bunch of pirates taken off a boat floating around in the Gulf of Mexico. Why not go to DC and solicit members of MS13 for a jury then? With the help of a “jury consultant”… (some profession btw)…they were able to ferret out the biggest losers available and collect them all in one room.

To say that they were unintelligent is giving them too much credit and you can bet amongst the morons there were also snakes.

But the sun shines through in the form of Lifetime. Thank God Lifetime is a network that cares about the truth.

I am 100% sure that Cindy Anthony…writing her thoughts down on paper during the trial… was hoping for that deal and planning on that money to buy more crab puffs and Zirconian dia-mels.

But Lifetime has made sure that  Caylee’s story will be told in an HONORABLE way…and Caylee wins.

Caylee wins because of Lifetime.

Money and fame…the thing that matters the most to the people who tried so hard to line their pockets with Caylee’s blood.

Fame and money.

The thing that Jose Baez and the Anthony’s groveled and grabbed as much as they could… with no concern for the repulsive way they were perceived.

Fame and money.

The reason that they all destroyed their own reputations and cheated Caylee of justice.

Money and fame.

The thing that still eludes all of them.

Jose Baez…no respect for the court…and as it turns out…rightly so

In January of 2013  things will be happening that mark a change in the wind for the monsters that still live and breath among us.

It will be Jeff Ashton’s version of events, that will wipe any claims from the defense right off the pages of history.

In January the truth comes out and it comes out in a big way. Jose Baez will forever be known as “Johnny Cockroach” after January. Casey Anthony will be the killer she is and maybe some justice can come of this terrible chapter in history.

We all watched the trial.

Cheney Mason can drink and rant all he wants to but we all still enjoy freedom of thought and speech and whether he likes it or not…

he is nothing but a smelly old drunk to 99% of America.

The words “insufferable wind bag” take on new proportions when referencing Cheney Mason since this trial. He is firmly rooted in American culture as a diaper wearing fool.

Jose Baez has incurred massive amounts of debt…all secure in the knowledge that he was going to get his giant pay-off at the end of his rampage…but Lifetime has other ideas.

Jeff Ashton has the last laugh…

The tide has changed. January 2013 will be a good year for Caylee and an even better year for Jeff Ashton.

All of the riches that the sleaze-team (and I include the Anthonys in that description) tried to get from the horrible suffocation murder of a 2 year old child…have landed in Jeff Ashton’s lap.

There will be no big book and move deal for Cindy Anthony.

There will be no big book and move deal for Jose Baez.

There will be no big book and move deal for Cheney Mason.

There will be no big book and move deal for David  W. Angelo.

There will be no big book and move deal for Brian P. Berling.

There will be no big book and move deal for Jennifer Ford.

There will be no big book and move deal for Linda F. Bills.

There will be no big book and move deal for Mary L.  Fuhr.

There will be no big book and move deal for Joan Meier.

There will be no big book and move deal for Kimberly A. Kimball.

There will be no big book and move deal for Kathleen A. Nighland.

There will be no big book and move deal for Ronald H. Robertson.

There will be no big book and move deal for Raymond L Screen.

There will be no big book and move deal for Harriet B. White.

A woman displays a sign that reflects the sentiments of millions.

Which of these jurors quit their jobs and refused to change their verdict as alternate Russ Hueckler told all of us in his little 15 minutes of fame?

Which one was it?

Which jurors were paid by the defense to convince the others that the “law” required them to find this killer not guilty? Who is the biggest traitor amongst them all? Who decided to unleash the wrath of the public and destroy America’s faith in the system… so that they could line their pockets with blood money?

Maybe someday someone will talk and the jurors who are responsible for this travesty will be prosecuted for this horror show they have created.

How many young women have killed their children and  thrown them away like trash and told poorly constructed lies , mimicking what Casey Anthony did to Caylee…because of this terrible, horrible jury?

How much blood lies directly at the feet of Judge Belvin Perry and these 12 monsters who murdered justice?

All of the questions that swirl around this outrage will not go away. Someone needs to be accountable for this…but in the meantime how wonderful that Lifetime will tell Caylee’s story over and over again for years to come.

SWEET LITTLE CAYLEE: Her life was worth nothing to our justice system.

How great is it that after January, “Imperfect Justice” will be the only thing that people will ever remember about this case?

Every time Lifetime airs that movie…the sales of Ashton’s book will increase and more of Baez’s riches will end up in Ashton’s pocket.

Johnny Cockroach will be the thing that people remember from this trial in 10 years because Baez himself has reenforced this description over and over since the trial and in print with his own sad attempt to “write” a “book.” Jose Baez will be doing what he is doing right now…destroying his own reputation with more lies and trying to put his name out there anyway he can.

Baez may have pulled a fast one…but he cheated himself out of everything that he ever wanted from this trial and is probably more in debt then he ever was.

Imperfect justice will run over and over on Lifetime…I know because I used to work for Lifetime. It is a class operation and they respect and care about their viewers.

From the Official Jeff Ashton Facebook page

It didn’t take Lifetime long to see where their bread was buttered. Unlike Dr. Phil…Lifetime has a moral compass…ironic when you consider that Dr. Phil…a  dyed in the wool sociopath in my opinion…actually gives advice to people on TV.

Lifetime has a reputation for siding with the victim…and there is only one victim here and a host of monsters to hold responsible for what I consider the most corrupt verdict in recent American history.

Lifetime is on Caylee’s side and has cast the first stone into the karma pool. The tide is rippling in Caylee’s favor and it’s sending these scumbags where they belong…in the poorhouse.

It may happen this year…or maybe next year or the year after…but after January…there will be no going back.

Thank you Lifetime….karma is near.

Sweet Caylee…she never had a chance.