Casey Anthony’s attorney sticks his tongue out at America… while Casey Anthony looks on and laughs at America…and now they want to sell something to America…the irony is rich.

As the Lifetime movie gets closer and closer… to not only defining this defendant as guilty… but defining  her attorney as an incompetent, unscrupulous hanger on…Casey Anthony’s Attorney is getting desperate with a capital “D.”

He realizes that Jeff Ashton’s portrayal of him will cause him problems down the line. Problems that an overwhelming majority of Americans would love to see land on his doorstep.  In a reactive strike…Jose Baez  has started to plant stories in the news that promise justice…in order to  “back door” his way into a public forum once again and try to re-write history at the same time.

Boring, ineffective, stupid, droll, blatant, ignorant, childish, laughable….Casey Anthony’s attorney has a long road ahead of him to undo the damage he did to his own reputation.

Good news for Caylee.

As America watched in disbelief…an out of work bikini salesman and con man…fabricated evidence, slandered innocent people, flat out lied, cheated, stole, tampered with witnesses, steam rolled over our system of justice…and yes… TAMPERED WITH THIS JURY.

People watched in disbelief as Jose Baez made a complete and utter fool of himself on TV…trying to present a case that was way out of his league. Many believe it was for this reason…that he cheated his way through…all the way to the verdict.

Online chats during the trial were filled with laughter. People mocked Casey Anthony’s Attorney and his pathetic performance  at every turn.


That would be men, women, girls, boys, teenagers, young adults…virtually every single person who watched that trial.

Jose Baez, was a complete and utter joke on every single live chat during the trial. Notice posters referring to Baez as a “crybaby.” this was a common theme on live chats whenever Jose Baez began to speak. His inexperience was painfully obvious to everyone involved…as was his desire to lie, cheat, mislead and break the rules of the court.

Casey Anthony’s Attorney, has all the characteristics of a sociopath himself.  Did we all not watch these two unlikable creeps in action during this trial?

Two peas in a pod and we all watched it play out in our faces.

I don’t have to remind people…the images are still strong in everyone’s mind after a year…

Right there. Giving the finger to everyone… who they now want to buy… what they have to sell.

Now America is supposed to get amnesia because Jose Baez plants fake stories in the news and tries to rewrite history.

Fat chance of that ever happening.

Jose Baez doesn’t “get it.” it’s just that simple. He is using venues that have already KICKED HIM TO THE CURB.

More scorn for the court…exhibited by Casey Anthony and her attorneys.

Casey Anthony’s Attorney has convinced himself that it was only “women with cats” who disliked him. CLASSIC SOCIOPATH BEHAVIOR.

Other then the fact that he is a liar, a cheat, a sociopath himself and that he  TAMPERED WITH THIS JURY….Casey Anthony’s Attorney hasn’t really convinced anyone of anything.

And now they expect people to embrace them?

This is what passes for an attorney in Florida these days….pure white trash.

Casey Anthony’s Attorneys are NO BETTER then she is and no smarter.

So how is this tiny man, with an even smaller moral compass planning on reversing his horribly self-stained image?

LIES, bullying and trolls… that’s how. What else? 

Jose Baez proves he’s not ready for any kind of “prime time” by sticking his tongue out at the COURT and the PUBLIC that he now expects to welcome him into their homes.

It’s done.

Jose Baez committed career suicide during this trial. He was  blinded by greed and hubris and now he blames “women with cats.”

Don’t look now Jose Baez…but “women with cats” was YOUR ENTIRE VIEWING AUDIENCE and they all DESPISE you.

Sociopath: Someone who doesn’t “get it.”

No one is going to forget what happened in 2008 and Casey Anthony’s Attorney’s  reputation is firmly ingrained in the American public’s psyche as a CHEAT…LIAR and a CROOK.

If I saw his face on TV I would immediately change the channel.

I have not turned on Jane Velez Mitchell since she dared her audience to turn her off. That’s exactly what I did and have watched her ratings dive into dangerous territory. The last time I looked, it was a pathetic 116…very close to double digits!

The kiss of death: The stink of this corrupt verdict has tainted our system of justice and everyone associated with this defense.

48 Hours Mystery…a show I used to watch faithfully every Saturday night is OFF my viewing list.

This man destroys everything he touches as does this defendant…

Casey Anthony…pure evil.

Overrun with debt he incurred…while cheating his way through this trial… and now floundering in the reputation that HE created for himself…

could there be any more comic relief to this story, then this ending?

Casey Anthony’s attorney: Forever Bozo…

This is a person who has caused irreparable damage to people’s faith in the system and  has not one thing to offer society and society knows it. He has demonstrated his lack of perceptive skills by stating that  it’s just “women with cats” that don’t like him.

How long can this go on? Well until someone shuts him down…which is what Judge Belvin Perry should have done from the very beginning. It will go on for infinity…because just like Michael Lohan… Casey Anthony’s Attorney bears all the ear marks of a sociopath.

We should all thank Casey Anthony’s Attorney, for showing us how corrupt our system really is…but just as it is with every cockroach…Johnny Cockroach won’t go away until someone finally gets the last of that roach spray ( down on that shelf in the basement)  and gives him a good hard squirt with it.

The Lifetime Movie should take care of MOST of him but I have a feeling his insatiable need for fame and money might be the thing that finally does him in.

Virtually no one was buying what Baez was selling except the DISGRACEFUL TWELVE.

The only thing I want to hear about this charlatan is that he has finally been arrested for tampering with evidence and jury tampering. Then I will have some of my faith restored…in our broken down system.

Until then…I enjoy watching him disappear from the news…in spite of all of his hard work. All of the paid trolls…all of the bullying…all of the cheap carnival tricks can’t fool “women with cats.”

Casey Anthony’s attorney…nothing to offer…

Jose Baez disappears as soon as he makes an appearance these days. People are bored and disgusted by the sound of his name and in spite of trolls posting feverishly on every discussion board… trying to make this washed up never was… look interesting and relevant….he is still referred to in headlines as “Casey Anthony’s Attorney”…because his name is not “headline worthy.”

He has built his own reputation over the past three years and he did it to himself.

Either that…or the power of “women with cats” is one that he cannot overcome.

Who knew that “women with cats” could control the media and hold the fate of a man’s life in their hands?

Maybe it’s time Jose Baez…better known in the media as “Casey Anthony’s attorney”…faced the fact that “women with cats” aren’t the only people that despise him and what he has done.

“Women with cats” don’t hold that kind of power…PEOPLE do.