Burning Christmas candles

I had been cleaning my apartment all day and  just happened to be walking by the television when I saw the video of the school and read the lower third on the screen to see what it was all about:

“School Shooting…Suspects Inside! Students Shot!”

How many people remember where they were when they first heard about Columbine?

That is exactly how I felt when I received the news last week that 26 children and adults had been shot and killed by a lone gunman…while doing nothing more then going to school that day.

For the holiday season…I would like to take some time and honor all of the victims of the terrible Sandy Hook massacre that occurred Friday before last.

Discussion is open to all subject matters previously discussed on this blog.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season no matter how you celebrate…and that the coming year holds changes in the system that provide justice for all children.

we matter

Joy and Peace to Everyone.

Linda Paris

Latest news on the shooting at Sandy Hook: