FINALLY a network brave enough to tell CAYLEE'S story and the real truth behind this trial.

FINALLY a network brave enough to tell CAYLEE’S story and the real truth behind this trial.

If you are one of Caylee Anthony’s fans you should be tuning into Lifetime this Saturday at 8pm to watch Jeff Ashton’s LIFETIME MOVIE…”Prosecuting Casey Anthony.”

Little Caylee full of life, reduced to a pile of bones and trash by her murdering mother and murdered all over again by David Angelo and this jury.

Little Caylee full of life, reduced to a pile of bones and trash by her psychotic mother and murdered all over again by David Angelo and the worst  jury ever to serve in any trial.

Finally…a network that is willing to tell the story of how justice failed and the killer of Caylee Anthony walked free. 

This is Caylee’s moment.

Caylee Marie Anthony the reason this trial had so many viewers and the reason her killer has so many enemies.

Caylee Marie Anthony, the reason this trial had so many viewers and the reason her killer is the most hated woman alive.

First I am so proud to have worked for Lifetime during my career and admire and respect their decision to give the reportedly 2 million dollar movie deal to one of the people who has done more then anyone to get justice for Caylee Marie Anthony.  The 2 million dollar Lifetime deal was going to be Cindy Anthony’s but after watching her commit perjury on the stand and the jury’s suspicious verdict, Lifetime took away the offer and gave it to Jeff Ashton instead.

Because of that…the story we will hear…will not be one that is favorable to either the defense in this case or the killer of Caylee Anthony, her mother, Casey Anthony. For the first time it is going to be clear to America what went on in this case.

Caylee Marie_ Never Forget from the "I Hate Casey Anthony" Facebook Page

Artwork from the internet showing love and support for Caylee…as every network deserted her…along with her family and the broken justice system.

Jeff Ashton and Lifetime have dealt a major blow to the myths, fantasies and straight up LIES perpetrated by so called “journalists” like Geraldo and Jane Velez Mitchell…all rallying around the scumbags who broke the law and cheated the system…flat out lying to the public about what was really going on.

I recently read where someone had referred to this movie as the story of a “defeat.”

I completely disagree.


Caylee Anthony will live in the hearts of millions forever as a tragic figure. The victim of a horrible mother, a terrible family, deadly dynamics and a system that flat out failed.

Caylee Anthony will live in the hearts of millions as the victim of a murderous mother, a revolting and diabolical family, deadly dynamics and a system that flat out failed.

Finally it is the story of the truth of this case!

Jeff Ashton did not fail to convince 98% of trial watchers that Casey Anthony was guilty of first degree murder.

If Jeff Ashton failed at anythingit was underestimating the “morally bankrupt” character of Jose Baez.

If it is the story of a failure…it is the failure of our broken system.

CROSS CHURCH forgets about the innocent victim in this case and ENABLES  a killer for MONEY

Unscrupulous members of the media showed themselves during this disgrace and forgot about the innocent victim. Instead they enabled  a killer and her family to capitalize for money and ratings and tried to push Caylee Anthony aside.

Perhaps it is the story of the failure of Jose Baez?

He failed in his ultimate goal to be a hero.
He failed in his ultimate goal to be a TV talking head and a beloved movie star.
He failed in his ultimate goal to be a respected and revered attorney.
He failed in his ultimate goal to be liked and admired by everyone.
He failed in his ultimate goal to be making more money then he could spend.
His book failed.
He can’t get a client…even when he tries to bull dog his way on to a case.

He’s proven to everyone who watched that circus that he only knows how to lie and cheat.

Forever Bozo. I wonder if Jose Baez will ever wake up and realize that if you google "bozo the clown" these days...his own face comes up in the search. No one ever knows there was another Bozo the clown before this one. He has sealed his place in history and he doesn't even know it.

Morally bankrupt, Jose Baez, the head clown and ringmaster of the biggest circus and fiasco of the 21st Century.

It’s who the man is.

I wouldn’t call that a “win.”

As Dr. Lillian Glass reported during the trial Lifetime was looking at Cindy Anthony as the one to give the 2 million dollar deal to…but considering what we all saw…

they thankfully changed their minds.

(scroll down to “Life beyond the trial”)

Unlike other mindless media drones…such as Jane Velez Mitchell and Geraldo who just followed the money blindly and tried to manipulate their viewers…Lifetime has decided to go the other route and tell the truth.

Sweet Caylee...will she ever see some justice? Or will her tragic murder continue to be a beacon for more greedy and self serving people who all want to  erase her life even more then her own mother already has?

Sweet Caylee…The prosecution proved it to me and millions of trial watchers, that she was murdered in cold blood by her mother, Casey Anthony.

What amazes me about this entire disgrace was how certain members of the media acted during all of this. Jane Velez Mitchell…so insane with the smell of money and ratings…she demeans herself completely by groveling  on her knees behind Jose Baez begging him to just look in her direction…

and then she tells her viewers  to F-off  when they express their shock and dismay!

Unbelieveable. But yet another extremely disturbing  part of this story… is the media believing that they can manipulate their viewers and manipulate the truth…and grow their own ratings!

Sweet Caylee. Even Judge Perry never mentioned a word about justice for this child and instead spoke of nothing but schedules and money.

Sweet Caylee. Used by every single person in her life…and by everyone after her death, including an unscrupulous jury of greedy opportunists and flat out idiots.

It reminded me of that singing star from the 1950s named Fabian. He was a nobody and as a result of a bet between 2 producers, one saying that he couldn’t be made into a star and the other saying he could take a nobody and turn him into a star…

he became a star.

Totally invented by a producer.

That’s what desperate and greedy media tried to do here…only in 2008 it was apparently became fashionable to see if they could make  “stars” out of criminals and child killers who hi-jacked the system…and broke the law in front of my face.

It failed.

Little Caylee...The rage continues as her family and her killer's attorneys continue to dance on her grave and capitalize on her death.

Little Caylee…This Saturday at 8pm Lifetime will finally tell her story through Jeff Ashton.

I am happy to see that the blood money… that the Anthonys have gotten greedy, amoral media to give them… to put on “freak shows” for the public… is no longer forthcoming and that the people who worked harder then anyone to get justice are the ones who are being rewarded instead.

I enjoyed the interview with Rob Lowe (my new favorite actor) on GMA…I believe the quote was:

“If I were her, I would just crawl into a hole somewhere and pull the dirt in.”

In other words…go kill yourself and don’t bother us with burying you because you’re not worth the time.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. If this is the reaction that the movie is going to inspire…

you can count me in.

Little Caylee – forever in our hearts

Little Caylee – forever in our hearts

The Lifetime movie, from my perspective is a major coup for Caylee. This is the beginning of Caylee’s time.

The LIFETIME MOVIE is what people will remember from now on. 

Karma is here and it starts on Saturday night at 8pm.

Caylee Anthony Superstar! by David Cook

Caylee Anthony Superstar! by David Cook

Scary then…………………..and scarier now

Are there more bodies somewhere in this family’s past?

“Don’t worry…I didn’t say anything.”

The words were uttered quickly and furtively but loud and clear. This murdering psychopath wanted her parents to hear that statement so she made sure she got it out…right at the beginning of that famous jailhouse conversation.

“Don’t worry…I didn’t say anything.”

Oh really? Didn’t “say anything” about what?

You would think that her parents would ask her about a remark like that or at least acknowledge it…but they didn’t.

Cindy Anthony, convincing herself that she's won a minor point against attorney Morgan in deposition but creating this image of herself for all eternity.  This photo reminds us all where  baby killers come from.  This killer was not born and raised in a vacuum.

This photo reminds us all where baby killers come from. Is there another body in the basement somewhere?

Instead they  purposely glossed over it and acted as if they hadn’t even heard it and then proceeded to tippy-toe around their pet psychopath, acting as if she was going to explode at any minute and get brain tissue all over them.

They  might as well have been wearing lab jackets and rubber gloves they were so afraid of what this killer might do…even from inside the jail!

Instead, Cindy Anthony immediately took control of the conversation and led it down the path that she wanted  to see it go.

“Don’t worry…I didn’t say anything.”

These jailhouse visits were carefully choreographed by one of the stupidest family’s in American History and yet that one sentence was NOT a part of the plan.

I guess they thought no one in America would notice them speaking in stupid transparent codes and ballet dancing around each other?

“Surprise surprise”…the stupidest family alive was wrong.

Killer Anthony smiling in court as if she was having a party.

Casey Anthony: High School drop out. The prosecution proved that  she drove around for 3 days and partied with her friends while her child  decomposed in the trunk of her car.

I’m through guessing what this family of common grifters and psychotic killers is up to but I can tell you this…there are countless indications that they are hiding something more then “just” the murder of a 2 year old child…and they are scared to death that it is going to eventually come out.

Their  phone calls full of juvenile “code-speak” and all of their language has been rife with cover up and GUILT from the first moment they slithered into the news.

They have demonstrated their complete lack of understanding as to what is inappropriate and what is not. Their thirst for attention… no matter what it is attached to…and their insatiable and shameless greed, has sickened everyone who has come into contact with them. As they run roughshod over the media…putting their faces out there on TV every night, claiming that Caylee is alive and asking people to send money to them so that they can go look for her…their conversations betray their true motives.

How about this one…

“This wasn’t like the last time was it?”

 This is what a TOXIC sociopath looks like. This is what a CHILD KILLER looks like.

This is what a TOXIC sociopath looks like. This is what a CHILD KILLER looks like.

Yet another “furtive” and “clandestine” statement in a conversation that was saturated with childish “code-speak” and games that 6 year olds play. These phone calls are PAINFULLY  unsophisticated as is this entire family.

They are screaming to be investigated on multiple levels for multiple crimes.

Just by listening to their shallow, feather brained attempts to be “sneaky”…they have given the public enough information to start digging around in their past…

just to see if we can discover what it was they were all talking about under their weak and pathetic “code-speak.”

In short…and at the risk of stating the obvious…there is something far more disturbing about this family then simply the murder of a 2 year old child…and the subsequent cover up.

“This isn’t like the last time is it?”

Many people assumed that child murderer, Casey Anthony had left with Caylee before and that was what brother Lee was talking about in that phone conversation.

Somebody was feeling good about Judge Belvin Perry's complete lack of control over his courtroom. Somebody had the time of her life...basking in the limelight and relishing the fact that her so called attorney was getting away with murdering Caylee all over again with the help of the judge.

This killer thought nothing of murdering Caylee in cold blood, dumping her down the street after driving around with a dead body in her car for 3 days, according to the testimony at trial. Such a stupid crime committed with such ease and such confidence. Any betters that she’s done this before?

I used to think that myself until I started adding up the silly attempts at “Anthony code-speak” and realized that this group of primates never speaks in simple language and “Pig-Latins” their way through conversations on the phone and in the jail.

What kind of family speaks in brainless codes and colludes with each other…when a member of their family has been murdered?

I’ll tell you what kind of family speaks in code and tries everything they can to thwart a murder investigation…a family that HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE.

CINDY AND GEORGE ANTHONY: Profiting  from murder seems to be their talent.

CINDY AND GEORGE ANTHONY: Why do they cower and cow-tow when they should be outraged? The public has years to dig around in their past in order to find out the answers to these questions. By sticking their faces into cameras and cashing in for three years…they have now stupidly invited the public  into their lives and there’s not a thing they can do about it.

Here’s another one:

“What have YOU done?”


“What happened?”


“What’s wrong?”


“Has something happened to Caylee?”


“Why are you crying?”


“What have YOU DONE?”

YOU= Baby killer Casey Anthony.

What about ME? Forget about Caylee...What about ME?

The last thing Caylee saw. Who else has seen this face and is no longer here to talk about it?

Cindy Anthony began cleaning Caylee’s decomp up immediatelyno questions asked… because she KNEW what had happened to Caylee and why she hadn’t heard Caylee’s voice in 31 days.

Both George and Cindy Anthony already knew that Caylee was dead…

or they would have preserved the car in case something had happened to both Caylee and Casey Anthony!

But they didn’t do that…did they?

They immediately set upon destroying any evidence they found in that car. The same car that “smells like there’s been a dead body” in it.

Who does that but guilty people?

Cindy Anthony, convincing herself that she's won a minor point against attorney Morgan in deposition but creating this image of herself for all eternity.  This photo reminds us all where  baby killers come from.  This killer was not born and raised in a vacuum.

Cindy Anthony, convincing herself that she’s managed to control a situation that she never had any control over. This is the face of complicity and guilt. This is the face of someone who thinks they’ve gotten over. This is where killers come from.

“What have YOU DONE?”

“This isn’t like the last time is it?”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything.”

Whatever is in this family’s past it must be worse then Caylee’s murder because they have done everything in their power to keep their little psychopath safe and QUIET…including letting the defense call them child molesters!

George what he deserved.

George Anthony…got what he deserved.

When is someone going to investigate the background of this family?

When is someone going to rip the scab off of this family and expose them… once and for all… as the same morally reprehensibe ghouls that sent Dominick  Casey out to find Caylee’s body and destroy it before the trial?

When is the REAL truth about this family going to come out?

In league with the devil?

Artwork out there on the internet reflecting the public sentiment that there is much more dirt to this family’s past then what we know.

I have not had the stomach to listen to the tape, where Lee asks the killer if this is like the “last time”…mainly because of the babbling that this  self absorbed,  high school drop out calls conversation.

It is so obvious that she has learned to copy big words she’s heard other people use…but the incredible dumbass can’t put them into a sentence of her own design because she lacks the knowledge or the skill.

She literally spews words that make NO SENSE and do not form complete sentences.  She tries so desperately to put forth the illusion that she has a brain… but it all comes out as complete jibberish and exposes the fact that she hasn’t taken any classes in basic English.

“Look how smart I am…I know the word ‘absolutely.’ I heard someone say it once.”

It’s really hard to listen to this self taught dunderhead try and speak as if she knows how to.

Not only is she a baby killer…but she  butchers the English language just like her mother does because she only knows words she’s heard OTHER PEOPLE use effectively in a sentence.

She doesn’t have the slightest  clue on  how to use those words in a sentence that she crafts herself.

Not the brightest bulb in the pack.

Not the brightest bulb in the pack.

If you can tolerate her incredible ego combined with her generous supply of ignorance and inability to compose a basic sentence …the information is there…

“Don’t worry I didn’t say anything.”

She had to get that out…and she’s not the brightest bulb in the box by a long shot.

After that utterance…it was “treat Casey Killer with kid gloves” and tippy toe around her or something very bad will happen.

I ask you…what could be worse then this?

They are already visiting their daughter in jail for first degree murder and they still act like this is a walk in the park!

“You’re the head of a big corporation! You’re in charge!”

What the Hell is going on here? A normal family would realize that this is the “absolute” worst thing that could have ever happened!

But not in this family.

Cindy Anthony and company - livin’ large off of the murderof one of their own at the hands of her own mother - disgusting

Thank God Casey killed Caylee otherwise we would have to go back to working for a living! This has turned into the best thing that ever happened to us!!!! Crab puffs all around!

In this family there are apparently MUCH WORSE things… than a mere murdered grandchild and a psycho daughter who is on trial for first degree murder.

What could it be?

I do believe 100% that there is something out there just waiting to be discovered and they are all deathly afraid of whatever it is.

By talking in codes and doing their best to capitalize on Caylee’s murder…putting their faces on TV and spewing lies and coverups for three years…

this family has invited us all into their past.

They didn’t just wake up one day and have this HIDEOUS MESS in their home…this has been going on for a long time. People don’t just wake up one morning and start effortlessly covering up murders… as if it was  second nature… like this family did.

Cindy Anthony wants everyone to “get over” it.

The REAL Cindy Anthony. How many times did Caylee ever see this face?

The REAL Cindy Anthony. How many times did Caylee see this face? Who else has seen this face? Is there a suspicious death in Cindy Anthony’s past? After all…besides the fact that Casey Anthony killed Caylee Anthony…one other thing has been proven to be a fact: LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER.

Well for once Cindy Anthony is not going to get what she wants. She’s not on TV now selling her FREAK SHOW to Dr. Phil.

She’s out in the public now…and no one is going to forget what this family has put everyone through over the past 3 years…


People want  answers…and that is NEVER going to go away.

Learn to live with it Cindy Anthony.

It’s a house of your own making…and it’s here to stay. 

Like mother like daughter.

Like mother like daughter.

“Don’t worry I didn’t say anything…”

Sounds like a threat to me.

“Don’t worry I didn’t say anything…”

Don’t look now dumbass…but yes you did!

UPDATE: Apparently the clips referred to in this article were of interest  to law enforcement in 2008 and they pulled it back then for an”ongoing investigation.”

Meanwhile…if you can tolerate listening to people speak in code and pig-latin for an hour here are both tapes. 

LISTEN how Lee Anthony tries to find out where Casey Anthony dumped Caylee and they both try to figure out how to talk about it on the sly so no one will hear… when she tells them where she dumped Caylee.

Here are some other videos I collected for your viewing pleasure.  I found these quite compelling and to be honest…I had forgotten about them: 









Jeff Ashton’s book “Imperfect Justice” will be the defining version of this trial. After January it will no longer be “Bozo the Clown” but it will be “Johnny Cockroach” who lives on in time.

Casey Marie Anthony is 100% guilty  of murdering Caylee Marie Anthony in cold blood.

Jeff Ashton will define the Caylee Anthony trial for America and set the record straight, once and for all… in his upcoming Lifetime Movie “Imperfect Justice.”

Looking back…

you would think if someone’s helpless grandchild was suffocated with duct tape and thrown down the street like trash, that the grandparents would be outraged and want justice.

America was unprepared for the hideous freak show that would turn out to be the Anthony family.  Since when are grandparents crooks, liars, thieves, cheats and ghouls?

The answer: Since this case.

Since when are grandparents going out of their way to conspire and cover up for the killer?

Since when do grandparents cash in on the murder of their  2 year old grandchild?

Precious Caylee: A mere money machine to her family after death

The answer to these questions are…

ever since the Anthony’s put their psychotic faces on TV and forced all of America to drink their caustic brew of lies and deceit…that’s when.

Not since Jackie Peterson has there been a family more sickening to watch then George and Cindy Anthony. Vulgar and  stinking of the grift, the Anthonys happily eat crab puffs and dine at fancy restaurants, spending blood money and having the time of their ives….all  while searchers crawl on their hands and knees looking for pieces of their murdered granddaughter.

Never has America been so revolted by human beings as they have been this defendant and her family.

In that sense…George Anthony absolutely deserves to be blamed for this crime, even though virtually everyone  knows exactly how and who killed Caylee Anthony.

Even the people from CROSS CHURH know what happened…no matter what they say. They all smell money…but they all know the truth.

Casey Anthony was proven guilty beyond any doubt, in a public trial that convinced 98% of trial watchers that she deserved life in prison or the death penalty.

That’s what happened.

Caylee’s jury of FOOLS.

The 12 traitors who conspired to cheat, lie, break the rules of the court, talk on their cell phones, discuss the evidence among themselves and do what ever they could to thwart justice…can go to their graves knowing that no one respects this verdict and most people believe that one or more of them were paid to pretend to be…

too stupid to understand the law and the evidence.

I think what made this whole thing worse was people like Dr. Phil…who are supposed to have at least a milli-leter of common sense. And here you have this giant sociopath…actually publicly enabling  and supporting  these ghouls. Ghouls who feed off the blood of their grandchild and delight in their murdering daughter’s evil act.

Thanks to this corrupt jury and morally reprehensible media whores like Dr. Phil…and thanks to the countless unwanted television appearances of this sick twisted family…I know exactly what this killer is saying right now…with her families support…

“Killing Caylee was the best thing I ever did!”


“Dr.” Phil bathes in the blood of victims to boost his sagging ratings.

It’s no wonder Casey Anthony grew up to be a dirty, smelly, nasty child killer. Just take a look at her parents.

In case anyone is wondering…the prosecution proved their case to me beyond all doubt…just like they did to 98% of America.

The jury broke the rules of sequestration.

The jury was tainted by defense witness Patricia Woods.

Judge Perry allowed the jury to talk amongst themselves about the evidence and the case during the trial…which is patently illegal and deprived Caylee Anthony of a fair trial.

Her own family deprived Caylee Anthony of a fair trial.

CINDY AND GEORGE ANTHONY: Profiting from murder seems to be their talent.

This trial was flat out illegal…and we all saw it…yet Caylee doesn’t get to appeal because she’s not a murderer, a liar and a thief, like the defendant in this case.

People will be talking about this rotten dirty trial for years to come and use it to make changes in the system… so people like Judge Alex Ferrer better get over it. The system did NOT work.

When you have a jury composed of criminals, unintelligent and uneducated people, people who can’t speak English, people with no common sense what so ever, people with no reasoning skills, people with agendas out the wazoo…when you are forced to accept 12 greedy unscrupulous morons…

you end up with a corrupt verdict.

When you have a corrupt jury…and you get a corrupt judge…then you end up with a corrupt verdict.

I know what I saw…and no amount of media spin is ever going to change it.

Jose Baez wasn’t dancing in the halls before the verdict was read… for no reason. He knew.

Jose Baez dances with glee and pretends to be a cowboy in the wild wild west…immediately before the verdict was read

The only thing this jury has done… is prove to me that jury tampering in a high profile case is far easier in Florida then anyone could ever imagine. There is no way that this verdict is honest. It is as foul as they come and it is a loud warning that our system is seriously broken.

But Karma, in her relentless quest to right wrongs,  will come back to bite them in the face eventually and she will bite hard.

She has already played a very dirty trick on Jose Baez and the whole Anthony gang.

It was not Jose Baez that got the great big money deal that he had been expecting and relying so heavily on for the 3 full years he cheated, lied and broke the law. Baez burned the landscape, tore down bridges and virtually scathed everyone in his way , with no regard for the law or the rules of the court.

Baez joined hands with the Anthonys and they all went on a  criminal rampage and they took out everyone in their path. He tried to  pave the road for himself…he…Jose Baez… to sell a movie to Lifetime and write his lies down in a book. Jose Baez fully expected and never doubted for one minute that he would  rake in millions and be set for life.

The jury rewarded Casey Anthony for murdering a baby and costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars with wanton and poorly thought out lies. Virtually anyone can do this. Expect more of the same in Florida, as a direct result of what this jury did.

But the jury doesn’t have the last word this time.

The jury system does not have the last word this time because no one respects this verdict and no one believes that the system worked.

The public’s perception of this jury is reflected in art work all over the internet (Artist Unknown)

What this jury has done is unconscionable. They have destroyed America’s faith in the system and proven to America that the system does not work anymore. The moment they opened their stupid mouths they showed the world that the jury system needs to be revised and standards need to be applied to jurors in a case like this.

This jury might as well be a bunch of pirates taken off a boat floating around in the Gulf of Mexico. Why not go to DC and solicit members of MS13 for a jury then? With the help of a “jury consultant”… (some profession btw)…they were able to ferret out the biggest losers available and collect them all in one room.

To say that they were unintelligent is giving them too much credit and you can bet amongst the morons there were also snakes.

But the sun shines through in the form of Lifetime. Thank God Lifetime is a network that cares about the truth.

I am 100% sure that Cindy Anthony…writing her thoughts down on paper during the trial… was hoping for that deal and planning on that money to buy more crab puffs and Zirconian dia-mels.

But Lifetime has made sure that  Caylee’s story will be told in an HONORABLE way…and Caylee wins.

Caylee wins because of Lifetime.

Money and fame…the thing that matters the most to the people who tried so hard to line their pockets with Caylee’s blood.

Fame and money.

The thing that Jose Baez and the Anthony’s groveled and grabbed as much as they could… with no concern for the repulsive way they were perceived.

Fame and money.

The reason that they all destroyed their own reputations and cheated Caylee of justice.

Money and fame.

The thing that still eludes all of them.

Jose Baez…no respect for the court…and as it turns out…rightly so

In January of 2013  things will be happening that mark a change in the wind for the monsters that still live and breath among us.

It will be Jeff Ashton’s version of events, that will wipe any claims from the defense right off the pages of history.

In January the truth comes out and it comes out in a big way. Jose Baez will forever be known as “Johnny Cockroach” after January. Casey Anthony will be the killer she is and maybe some justice can come of this terrible chapter in history.

We all watched the trial.

Cheney Mason can drink and rant all he wants to but we all still enjoy freedom of thought and speech and whether he likes it or not…

he is nothing but a smelly old drunk to 99% of America.

The words “insufferable wind bag” take on new proportions when referencing Cheney Mason since this trial. He is firmly rooted in American culture as a diaper wearing fool.

Jose Baez has incurred massive amounts of debt…all secure in the knowledge that he was going to get his giant pay-off at the end of his rampage…but Lifetime has other ideas.

Jeff Ashton has the last laugh…

The tide has changed. January 2013 will be a good year for Caylee and an even better year for Jeff Ashton.

All of the riches that the sleaze-team (and I include the Anthonys in that description) tried to get from the horrible suffocation murder of a 2 year old child…have landed in Jeff Ashton’s lap.

There will be no big book and move deal for Cindy Anthony.

There will be no big book and move deal for Jose Baez.

There will be no big book and move deal for Cheney Mason.

There will be no big book and move deal for David  W. Angelo.

There will be no big book and move deal for Brian P. Berling.

There will be no big book and move deal for Jennifer Ford.

There will be no big book and move deal for Linda F. Bills.

There will be no big book and move deal for Mary L.  Fuhr.

There will be no big book and move deal for Joan Meier.

There will be no big book and move deal for Kimberly A. Kimball.

There will be no big book and move deal for Kathleen A. Nighland.

There will be no big book and move deal for Ronald H. Robertson.

There will be no big book and move deal for Raymond L Screen.

There will be no big book and move deal for Harriet B. White.

A woman displays a sign that reflects the sentiments of millions.

Which of these jurors quit their jobs and refused to change their verdict as alternate Russ Hueckler told all of us in his little 15 minutes of fame?

Which one was it?

Which jurors were paid by the defense to convince the others that the “law” required them to find this killer not guilty? Who is the biggest traitor amongst them all? Who decided to unleash the wrath of the public and destroy America’s faith in the system… so that they could line their pockets with blood money?

Maybe someday someone will talk and the jurors who are responsible for this travesty will be prosecuted for this horror show they have created.

How many young women have killed their children and  thrown them away like trash and told poorly constructed lies , mimicking what Casey Anthony did to Caylee…because of this terrible, horrible jury?

How much blood lies directly at the feet of Judge Belvin Perry and these 12 monsters who murdered justice?

All of the questions that swirl around this outrage will not go away. Someone needs to be accountable for this…but in the meantime how wonderful that Lifetime will tell Caylee’s story over and over again for years to come.

SWEET LITTLE CAYLEE: Her life was worth nothing to our justice system.

How great is it that after January, “Imperfect Justice” will be the only thing that people will ever remember about this case?

Every time Lifetime airs that movie…the sales of Ashton’s book will increase and more of Baez’s riches will end up in Ashton’s pocket.

Johnny Cockroach will be the thing that people remember from this trial in 10 years because Baez himself has reenforced this description over and over since the trial and in print with his own sad attempt to “write” a “book.” Jose Baez will be doing what he is doing right now…destroying his own reputation with more lies and trying to put his name out there anyway he can.

Baez may have pulled a fast one…but he cheated himself out of everything that he ever wanted from this trial and is probably more in debt then he ever was.

Imperfect justice will run over and over on Lifetime…I know because I used to work for Lifetime. It is a class operation and they respect and care about their viewers.

From the Official Jeff Ashton Facebook page

It didn’t take Lifetime long to see where their bread was buttered. Unlike Dr. Phil…Lifetime has a moral compass…ironic when you consider that Dr. Phil…a  dyed in the wool sociopath in my opinion…actually gives advice to people on TV.

Lifetime has a reputation for siding with the victim…and there is only one victim here and a host of monsters to hold responsible for what I consider the most corrupt verdict in recent American history.

Lifetime is on Caylee’s side and has cast the first stone into the karma pool. The tide is rippling in Caylee’s favor and it’s sending these scumbags where they belong…in the poorhouse.

It may happen this year…or maybe next year or the year after…but after January…there will be no going back.

Thank you Lifetime….karma is near.

Sweet Caylee…she never had a chance.

Both Cindy and George Anthony have shamelessly profited from the murder of their grandchild Caylee Anthony and have had no problem trying to parlay her murder into a windfall for themselves. Dr. Phil McGraw has turned out to be the ULTIMATE ENABLER in this sad chapter in American History.

Please Click here to sign the petition above. This petition is designed to keep Cindy and George Anthony from continuing to profit from their crimes. Don’t let the media reward the Anthonys for tampering with evidence, covering up a murder, committing perjury and lying.

The poison tree.

Every piece of fruit that springs from it is poisonous and tainted and will eventually destroy anyone who takes a bite.

Take a look at these photos and you can see what I am talking about.

TOXIC: Cindy Anthony points her finger at everyone but Caylee’s killer ON PURPOSE and you can see the poison in her face.

As the  Anthonys dance in Caylee’s blood daily… Dr. Phil…who has the nerve to tout himself as the voice of reason,  follows directly in front of  them and throws buckets of blood money to them in spite of the protests of thousands. Now Dr. Phil is supporting child killers with blood money donations to fraudulent charities…and anything else he can do to “get over” on his audience and pretend like he’s doing something for society… when in fact,  he is helping to destroy it and make our streets a more dangerous place for children.

Dr. Phil pays people to cheat, lie, break the law and kill children…and he pays handsomely for it.

“Dr.” Phil…DRENCHED blood and supporting CASEY ANTHONY- baby killer and her criminal parents by paying big bucks into the BLOOD FUND….generated by the murder of a child.

Dr. Phil apparently doesn’t care who he has to step over to get the ratings he wants so badly and that includes murdered children and US…”us” being society. He also doesn’t seem to care what his audience thinks of him.

I’m sure Dr. Phil would like us all to forget everything that has happened since this case began.. speaking for myself that’s never going to happen. Ever.

I found a Blog this past week and the owner had written an article on Rick Plesea and the fact that he was posting on the Orlando Sentinel discussion boards until all hours of the night back in 2008 after this story broke. Fascinating reading if I do say so myself.

I have to say that I like Rick Plesea…but I believe he has been  candy coating a bigger issue from the beginning.

Are Cindy Anthony and George Anthony just cataclysmically stupid…or are they straight up evil…or perhaps even  a combination?

CINDY AND GEORGE ANTHONY: Can anyone really be THAT stupid? Profiting from MURDER seems to be their forte!

I vote for a terrible combination of both.

Cindy and George Anthony have proven  over and over…in public forums…on the news…in TV interviews…and most of all in the deposition they took for Morgan and Morgan… who they really are as people.

They are both pathological LIARS…and patently dishonest people.

They have lied, manipulated and destroyed evidence. They have  cheated well meaning people out of money to look for a child they knew full well was already dead. They have blatantly used the terrible murder of their grandchild to live an opulent lifestyle. They have lived high on the hog…while at the same time keeping people from searching for Caylee’s body…in order to keep the blood money flowing.

This is what a TOXIC sociopath looks like. This is what a CHILD KILLER looks like.

There’s no question that they are stupid but in my opinion they are a lot of other things too. It’s amazing that these two crooks  continue to spin their LIES…and with the help of Dr. Phil…continue to profit from this. It’s outrageous.

Dr. Phil is making it profitable for families to cover up murders, clean up blood and decomposition at crime scenes…lie and cheat the system…cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars …tamper with witnesses, tamper with evidence…lie to the FBI, dig up the corpse of a child …and let’s not forget…Dr. Phil has now made it profitable for mothers to murder their children because there’s not much doubt that the blood money he paid to the Anthonys to support their scamming…is going right into the pocket of child killer…Casey Anthony.


“Dr.” Phil bathes in the blood of victims to boost his sagging ratings…all the while exposing WHO HE REALLY IS to the millions of outraged people…who followed this case.

Which brings up the question yet again…how much of what the Anthony’s have done is stupidity and how much is calculated evil?

TOXIC Cindy Anthony could have stayed in her house and called police but instead she threw herself whole heartedly into the drama.

I read all morning to remind myself of why I wanted so badly  to see justice in this case…whether through the law…or through Karma. There’s nothing complicated about this case in the least. The answer is as plain as day to anyone with half a brain cell.

I was riveted by poor Rick’s perceptions of the family and even though I had heard rumors at the time about Rick Plesea posting on the Orlndo Sentinel comment board (I used to post there myself), I had never actually seen the posts.

It’s a great read and a reminder of how deep the lies and deceit go in this case.

Unfortunately I did not save the link to the original article as I intended to…but It sent me on a search in which even more information from the past came up. It’s been 4 years now and the lies have piled so high… that in my opinion…if one person talks…

a lot of people could get into some deep trouble over all of this one day.

Sweet Caylee…she never had a chance.

I have stated on a few comment boards lately that I believe that the Anthonys…in all their dim witted glory…did decide that they would lie lie lie lie lie…lie some more…and then lie again. Then after that…keep lying until things are so confusing that no one can figure it out.

In reality…if you just get rid of everything that the Anthony’s have ever said except the 911 call and the police interview…and again…the answer to what happened is crystal clear to anyone with half a brain cell. It may vary in detail…but the thrust of what happened that night is perfectly in focus.

Because in the end…it’s the defendant herself, her actions and the fact that the family has lied through their teeth…that tells you exactly what happened.

Casey Anthony killed Caylee Anthony on the night of the 15th or in the early morning hours of June 16th in a fit of rage. At some point she put Caylee in the trunk of her car and rode around Orlando partying with her friends for days, before she shclepped no further then the corner and dumped her in the swamp.  And she never gave one thought to getting caught.

As we have all watched greed take over this trial and turn “journalists” into liars and jurists into conspirators…as we have watched this trial tainted by dirty tricks…illegal acts…jury misconduct…witness tampering…evidence tampering…jury tampering…and a host of other offenses for which no one has been held accountable…

it is worth it to go back and see how “absolutely” simple this case will always be.

Rick Plesea posting on Topix and answering questions from posters…August 2008

Transcript of Rick Plesea emails…

Transcript of 911 calles…

Transcript of all Rick Plesea’s postings online…

Bill Sheaffer, March 3, 2010_Blog entry where Bill Sheaffer receives questions from posters. the comments are very interesting…

Transcript of Rick Plesea’s  interview with Yuri Melich…

Shocking revelations from Pam Plesea about the Anthonys, July 3, 2011…

November 2008, conversation on Webslueths about Rick Plesea…

Casey Anthony’s Aunt speaks, Reality Chatter, July 2011…

More on Pam Plesea…July 2011…Websleuths…

Cindy Anthony could have stayed in her home and called police as most of us would have done in a situation like this but instead she threw herself whole heartedly into the drama and became confrontational.

In the wake of a preposterous and unethical verdict that set a killer free and disgusted a nation, the so called Caylee Anthony Foundation, seems to have disappeared completely from public view. One has to wonder what became of the biggest scam of the 21st Century.

Since the charity was fraudulent to begin with, it boggles the mind how Cindy and George Anthony have been able to cheat well meaning people and hide money from the IRS for this length of time. They have been publicly exposed as cheats and liars on multiple occasions and even in court during their daughter’s murder trial, yet not one government agency has stepped in to stop them from blatantly abusing the system and cheating people put of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Cindy and George Anthony in a vulgar display, spending money that people sent in to their fraudulent charity to look for a child they knew was dead. The Anthony’s have  been living high as a direct result of their efforts to parlay the murder of their own granddaughter, Caylee Anthony, into cold hard cash and Dr. Phil has lent a helping hand.

One of the most disgraceful and disgusting aspects of this entire episode for me has been watching this family cover up evidence and live on the blood money of their very own granddaughter.

They have steadfastly used this murder to line their own pockets and now they are being facilitated by people like Dr. Phil, who knowingly adds to the bucket of blood money in order to boost his own ratings. Apparently Dr. Phil is following the Anthony’s lead.

My fondest wish is that I never see Dr. Phil’s face on television again and it looks as if I may get that wish in good time. In spite of the fact that they are showing Dr. Phil reruns on many channels and on Oprah’s new network “OWN”…it seems like Oprah is looking to phase Dr. Phil out and bring some new fresh, untainted blood in.

“Iyanla Fix My Life” is the new “life mentor” on own. Oprah is promoting her hot and heavy and Iyanla is stepping directly into Dr. Phil’s territory.

It’s about time.

Dr Phil has outlived any usefulness he ever had on television and proven to me he is as much of a sociopath as the people he screams at for a solid hour. It has become abundantly clear to me that Dr. Phil is nothing but a con man himself. Sex scandals, lawsuits, accusations…Dr. Phil’s bad character goes all the way back to 2005 and beyond.

He is about as close to criminal as you can get and yet people chose to ignore this fact and actually listen to this fraud.

Bottom line…there is far too much scandal in Dr. Phil’s past. Too many dirty episides for too long…all associated with someone who is supposed to be a “life coach”  and it looks like Oprah agrees. Time for a change.

Dr. Phil has placed himself right up there with the Anthony’s as far as I am concerned.

A fake. A fraud. A Charlatan. A sociopath and yes…someone with serious mental issues of his own.

The REAL Cindy Anthony

And now because of one sociopathic hand feeding the other…because of Dr. Phil and his lies and deceit…the Anthony’s have received the blood money payoff of a lifetime.

But the  fraudulent Caylee Foundation seems to have disappeared after this latest payoff. It is no longer a website. Could it be that with this latest public donation that the IRS is finally listening to the thousands of voices that have been screaming about the Anthony’s and their fraudulent attempts to make money off of their murdered grandchild? This has been going on for  4 years now and it’s been right in the face of the public and more important the authorities.


Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation, Inc., Orlando, FL

Registration Number :CH29385 Expiration Date : 4/23/2011

Revenue Source : DCS Statement of Support/Revenue (12/31/2009)

Total Revenue : $2,580.72 Program Services Expenses : $630.25 20%

Total Expenses : $3,107.49 Administrative Expenses : $2,477.24 80%

Surplus/Deficit : -$526.77 Fund-Raising Expenses : $.00 0%

That these people have been profiting from a murder that they helped to facilitate and cover up is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. The Anthonys, both Cindy and George, besides having serious mental issues of their own… have absolutely no moral compass and Dr. Phil places himself right there with them and their murdering daughter as he is now supporting them all.

How does this even happen? If it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny. The King of television quacks, who’s sole platform is to “get real”…is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes and jumping aboard the blood train…putting his stamp of approval on the collection of blood money and the amoral behavior of these 2 narcissistic sociopaths who have spawned and raised a heartless child killer.

It’s outrageous enough that this entire fiasco has played out in front of all of us, with absolutely no one stepping in and being the voice of reason or speaking up for this child…not one person. Not one government agency has put a stop to the parade of lies and illegal behavior of virtually every single member of this family.

This one evil act committed by someone of less then average intelligence and a host of narcissistic needs, unfettered by guilt ….has spawned a sea of sick and twisted people in it’s wake and some of them are on television every day.

What happened to Geraldo, Matt Lauer, Barbara Walters, Jane Velez Mitchell? All of them used to stand for something….or did they?

Perhaps they always stood for fraud, greed and corruption and this case has just pointed it out to everyone else.

These are just a few of the media personalities who have been passing as normal for years and who’s true characters have revealed themselves through the horror of this case. It is greed that has driven this whole story for everyone from the very beginning not justice for a murdered child and it has been revolting to watch. The list of fatalities just keeps growing.

I will never look at any of the people who have associated themselves with this baby killer and her horrendous family the same again.

Artwork on the web that reflects the public’s outrage at this killer, her family and defense team.

No one with a heart could do what these people have done and at the top of that list is Cindy and George Anthony.

So now the “foundation” has disappeared and thanks to Dr. Phil and 12 greedy, intellectually challenged jurors… a child killer and her blood sucking parents can live off the murder that they all facilitated and the world is a more rotten place to live.

Meanwhile…in the House of Dark Shadows does all of that blood money make life easier on Hopespring Drive?

The REAL Cindy Anthony. How many times did Caylee see this face?

It is my opinion that it is a house of co-dependance, abusive relationships and mental illness. Boundaries are missing in abusive relationships whether its verbal, emotional or physical abuse. So my guess would be that the behavior that ended in the cold and calculated murder of a helpless child will not only continue but it will escalate and both mother and daughter will revel in it.

Boundaries are missing in that house…MISSING.

Drama is the name of the game on Hopespring Drive. Keeping everything swirling on the outside so that two inadequate people with major issues and problems in their backgrounds do not have to look inside.

The abused is just as addicted as the abuser (sometimes more).

Chaos addiction and drama addiction: A few Quotes from articles on the internet…


The REAL Cindy Anthony. How many times did that finger point at Caylee?

“Even if there is no substance abuse or alcohol abuse there is an addiction present. The dance of anger comes from chaos addiction, drama addiction. Being addicted to the low of the abuse and the high of the makeup. Keeping everything swirling on the outside to avoid the emptiness on the inside.”

And in this case both people suffer from it.

“While drama is a legitimate category of cinema and theater, as an addictive process in relationships it refers to an ongoing dysfunctional need to continually recreate unsafe and unhealthy emotional intensity in one’s relationships.”

Sound familiar?

“What is the attraction to drama? The drama addict is hooked on the adrenaline rush of relationships…lots of intense conflict, punctuated with yelling, screaming, throwing things, as well as verbal and physical abuse; frequent dramatic fights…ongoing lying and cheating; withholding of truth; betrayal of trust; emotional and/or physical affairs; spying on each other; poor or non-existent boundaries; and racing from the height of ecstasy to the pit of despair in an out-of-control emotional roller coaster.”

Cindy Anthony. Addicted to drama.

This is precisely what happens in relationships characterized by drama addiction and the horrifying fact in this case is that Caylee Anthony was nothing but a pawn in a game between two very sick and intellectually limited human beings.

People in these relationships have very little capacity for empathic sharing and selfless companionship, both of which are essential qualities in genuine love. Dramatic love relationships are essentially self-serving and when the person can no longer supply the necessary ”high,” they are abandoned.

Here Cindy Anthony confuses herself with some kind of “celebrity” believing that because her daughter is a child killer…it elevates her to some sort of status in society. The mark of a severe mental illness that Dr. Phil choses to feed into.

In my opinion (and I am not a doctor but do a lot of research on criminal psychology for my writing) what you have here is two people who are addicted to drama and who are both narcissistic sociopaths…self-centered and only interested in control. Why else would you clean up the crime scene for a child killer…even though the murdered child is  your own granddaughter?

Strangely enough, problems can become addicting. IF we live with enough misery, crises, and turmoil long enough, the fear and stimulation caused by problems can become a comfortable emotional experience. Being in crisis becomes a comfortable place, and it saves us from our humdrum existence. It’s like getting addicted to soap operas, except the daily crisis occur in our lives and the lives of our family and friends and family.

Darling Caylee. A pawn in a drama war between two  very sick  women.

To say that this is sick family might be the understatement of the century but the question now remains what does that make Dr. Phil and all of the others who have attached themselves forever to this dark moment in history?

One thing is certain…any prison in the country would be preferable to Hopespring Drive right now and it is my prediction that if the killer ever goes back into that house to live…

this type of behavior will continue…

and someone won’t make it out alive.

Caylee Marie Anthony…not forgotten.

Yesterday would have been Caylee Marie Anthony’s 7th birthday.

Could it really have been that long?

I spent the day thinking about what it must have been like…to be…Caylee Marie Anthony.

Her little life was so short…and so many have tried to erase her very existence. It struck me what a powerful little presence she is…even now.

Even now Caylee Marie Anthony…remains strong.

Although people have tried, with all of their might, to turn the murder of a little 2 year old girl into a money well for themselves and in the process make everyone forget the victim…

they have failed miserably at every juncture and my prediction is that they will continue to fail.

It is the name “Caylee Marie Anthony” that will live on in people’s hearts, long after the monsters who facilitated her murderer have disappeared into oblivion.

Caylee Marie Anthony.

Iconic photo of Caylee Marie Anthony. This photo was one of the first photos to be published of Caylee. People have used it in artwork honoring her and showing support of justice n this case. It will surely be the thing that lives on in this case long after the evil characters in this tragedy are forgotten.

Judge Belvin Perry should study her name and get it right…she is the victim…she is the reason he has a job in the first place. I never heard Judge Perry refer to the victim, Caylee Anthony, by name once. Not once did he say her name out loud. A little girl who never had a chance in life and was wiped out of existence in Judge Perry’s courtroom.

I often wonder if Caylee Marie Anthony had been a black child if Judge Belvin Perry might have remembered her name ? Race seemed to be an issue for Judge Perry during this trial.

Caylee Marie Anthony was not a person to Judge Belvin Perry and it showed.

She was NOT WORTH justice to Judge Perry and it showed.

Caylee Marie Anthony did not matter to our system or to the Judge who presided over her very own trial.

Judge Belvin Perry wants us to forget about Caylee Marie Anthony.

Sweet little Caylee: Abandoned by virtually everyone in life and death.

I wonder if the voter’s of Florida think that “justice worked” in this case?

It was a case that the prosecution proved with science and evidence while the defense countered with pure unadulterated lies and capitalized on the bad characters of everyone involved in the process including the jury and the judge.

I wonder if the people of Florida would like to see their own loved one tossed aside like trash in a court of law like Caylee Anthony was  in Belvin Perry’s courtroom?

For all the world to see, every single person involved with this trial, with the exception of the prosecution, has murdered Caylee Marie Anthony over and over again…and that includes the media.

And yet the name Caylee Marie Anthony still lives on in people’s hearts. Caylee Anthony’s voice is still strong and she lives through the people who refuse to forget what they saw happen.

Caylee Marie Anthony was a person. A human being who deserved to live just like anybody else. She was  a charming and beautiful child, who had all the potential in the world but was born into a family that doomed her from the very beginning.

In my opinion, the entire Anthony family murdered Caylee Marie Anthony and the murder weapon was a dangerous sociopath that they have protected for years and continue to cover up for.

They ALL murdered Caylee Marie Anthony.

Caylee Marie Anthony has been the inspiration of artwork honoring her short life and the work can be seen all over the internet. Try as they might the media cannot make the public forget her name.

George and Cindy Anthony murdered Caylee Marie Anthony by sending her out daily with a monster they knew was a predator and capable of anything.

In my opinion they were protecting themselves when they cleaned that car out… as much as they were someone that they knew full well was a killer. Their own reputations made it paramount  that they cover up the murder of their grandchild.

The entire Anthony family knew exactly what happened in that car…just like the rest of the world knows and the jury knows.

Each and every juror who sold justice down the river for a piece of the pie should have to hear the name Caylee Marie Anthony for the rest of their lives and know that people are not going to forget what they did.

Caylee Anthony Superstar! by David Cook

They have doomed themselves to a life of speculation and accusations because the name Caylee Marie Anthony is not going to “go away.”

We have not forgotten Caylee Anthony as they all want us to do. She would have been 7 year old yesterday and I saw hundreds of tributes to Caylee all over the internet yesterday.

The jury FAILED in their attempt to erase Caylee Marie Anthony.

The jury failed in murdering Caylee Marie Anthony…yet one more time.

Not one juror cared enough about the life of this child to do the right thing and discuss the actual evidence…instead they conspired to cheat a little of justice and disobey the rules of the court.

The jury should look over their shoulders for the rest of their days and wonder if someone in this case is going to talk because the name Caylee Anthony is not going to go away and their names are now linked with this disgrace forever.

It was the final insult to a little girl, who did nothing to deserve what happened to her and has captured the hearts of millions.

Jose Baez should be forced to look at photos of Caylee Marie Anthony… for the rest of his life and know that the fame and fortune he sought so desperately could have been his had he not murdered Caylee Anthony over and over and over again… in order to achieve it.

The name Caylee Marie Anthony will never go away because she now stands for so many children who are forgotten by everyone.

Caylee Anthony, the only victim in this case.

Her family should remember that people all over the world care what happened to a 2 year old child named Caylee Marie Anthony… even as they dance on her bones.

The media, who have  exposed themselves as “morally bankrupt”…dancing on the grave of a child… and covering up the truth…all so that they can turn her killer into a TV star and boost their own ratings.

Caylee Marie Anthony was a person. She was a human being.

Precious Caylee: Casualty of a broken system.

The media would love for people to forget her name.

She was a beautiful child that played with her doll and laughed out loud. She could have done anything with her life…but was robbed of the chance by the one who was supposed to protect her more than anyone.

Anyone would have wanted to adopt and care for this little person with the big smile, the beautiful face and the personality that has reached out from the screen and stolen everyone hearts.

Her name is Caylee Marie Anthony.

Caylee Marie Anthony. A real person.


Caylee Marie Anthony has paid with her life and exposed the dirt that lies underneath our so called system of justice.

Caylee Marie Anthony has sacrificed her justice exposing frauds in the media and heartless attempts to turn child killers into a cottage industry.

Caylee Marie Anthony has  exposed  them all as liars and frauds.

Her own family…

the justice system…

the media…

all frauds.

We owe Caylee Marie Anthony and should never forget her name. She has paved the way for justice in this country by sacrificing her own.

Caylee Marie Anthony’s life was a short…but she has done great things for justice.

It is because of  Caylee Marie Anthony and the disgrace that we were all forced to watch happen in Courtroom 23a, in Pinnelas County, Florida, that all eyes are on the system now and change is in the air.

It is because of the great sacrifice that Caylee Anthony has made that the public is now aware of just how dirty the system and the media really are.

Caylee Anthony. Why did 12 people conspire to ignore the evidence and set her killer free?

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes…I wouldn’t have believed it.

I hope that Caylee can rest in peace soon. I hope the universe see’s fit to bring a higher justice to her.

This blog is here in her honor and it is no small contribution that this little person has made to society.

We thank you Caylee Marie Anthony…may you rest in peace soon.

Caylee Anthony: RIP

Please sign Robert’s new petition for Federal Charges to be filed against Casey Anthony.

I just want to remind everyone to be sure and sign this second petition to get Federal charges filed against Casey Anthony in this case.

Please sign this and add your voice if you have not.

I want to point out that there are rumors going around Facebook about this petition which are not true and are a direct result of trolls with their own agendas. I have personally signed this petition myself (of course) and it is a real petition…which is exactly why FB Trolls are trying to squash it. They must be worried about it so please sign.


Thanks so much to Princesssezme  for another wonderful article, reminding us all why we are so horrified…by what has taken place over the past three years. So many would give anything to be grandparents to such a beautiful child, how sad that Caylee’s family abandoned her so completely. How awful that they continue to stomp on her grave…Linda Paris

A grandmother’s dream – a little princess

A garden of Love grows in a Grandmother’s heart.  ~Author Unknown

Anyone I have ever talked to who is blessed with a grandchild has said that it is the most wonderful thing that can happen in your life.  I’m sure that a Grandmother who is fortunate enough to have a little granddaughter must find that especially true.  It’s a precious gift that some never have the chance to experience.  I would love to have a beautiful little girl to dress in pretty dresses, and buy tea sets and stuffed animals for.  I was lucky enough to have two beautiful and healthy boys, but I have always longed for a little girl.

Fond memories of my grandmother still come to me in my dreams.  I had a wonderful grandmother who would go to the ends of the earth and back for us.  I remember shopping trips, getting our hair done together, having lunch at the big department store, and spending time with her in the kitchen when she would cook up all those wonderful things that made our mouths water. That is the joy of having a grandmother.

How could she turn her back on this?

Cindy Anthony was blessed twice with a little girl, and she didn’t do the right thing for either one of them.  Maybe Casey Anthony was a lost cause from the beginning – a soulless psychopath beyond fixing.  Relatives close to the family said she was “different” as a child.  If that’s true, and I believe it is, then Cindy Anthony has been a negligent parent from day one.  She let a monster walk among us and did nothing about it, and a small child, Caylee Anthony, paid the price. Little is known about Casey Anthony’s childhood, but I would be willing to bet there were signs of what she is even then.  The lying, stealing, and casual disregard for others didn’t happen overnight.  Cindy Anthony KNEW what her daughter was, and did nothing to stop her.

Scary then…………………..and scarier now

Here is a woman who raised a psychopath, and not only seems to be okay with that, but seems to be proud of it.  From her “I smelled a dead body in the damn car”, to her “yes Mr. Prosecutor it was me who did the computer searches for chloroform even though I was logged in at work at the time” it’s been obvious that Cindy Anthony has never accepted responsibility for the mistakes that she’s made.  She pulled out all the stops to save her monster of a daughter, and played a major role in setting the killer of her baby granddaughter free.  She has never been held accountable for the very large piece of her soul that she sold to cover up the crimes of the monster that she helped create.  The lies, the cleaning up of the crime scene, and the perjury she committed on the stand speak volumes about Cindy Anthony’s dedication as a grandmother.  She sold out her precious granddaughter without a second thought, and she continues to capitalize on her death like the rest of the vultures.

Cindy Anthony and company – livin’ large off of the murder
of one of their own at the hands of her own mother – disgusting

Long before the 31 days there were signs that Caylee was at risk, but Cindy Anthony chose to ignore them.  We’ve all seen the pictures that show the bruises on Caylee’s face, and the dark circles under her eyes.  There had to be times when Cindy Anthony knew something was wrong, but she obviously turned a blind eye.  Not knowing where this child was from day to day, and not seeming to care enough to investigate that is inexcusable to me.  How many of us would blindly accept the ridiculous Zanny the nanny story and not ask a single question?

Cindy Anthony’s damnation began long before those now infamous 31 days. There was an abused and neglected child living right under her roof, and she did NOTHING to save her.

Dark circles and bruises – How could Cindy Anthony ignore this?????

A grandmother is a mother who has a second chance.  ~Author Unknown

Cindy Anthony had her second chance and she threw it away.  She seems totally unfazed by the fact that her beautiful little granddaughter was callously murdered and thrown in the woods to rot and be violated by predators.  She goes about her day to day life, all the while living off of the sad end of the life of a child who had every right to live, and grow up, and be all that she could be.

Love the designer shades Cindy – are they Gucci?

I hope Cindy Anthony never experiences the joy of being a grandmother again.  I hope that she never hears the tinkling laughter of a little girl in her home, or feels the joy of holding a little girl in her arms ever again.  She doesn’t deserve that.  Her utter disregard for the loss of the life of this child is unspeakable, and unforgivable.

A grandmother is a special gift to a child.  They are the story readers, the smiling faces that light up our lives, and the ones who will forgive us for anything and love us unconditionally. If I’m ever lucky enough to be blessed with a grandchild, I will cherish them and try to be all of those things.  How sad that Caylee didn’t have a Grandma like that.

Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever ~ Anonymous

Little Caylee – forever in our hearts

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