You can pretty much define the word in 2 sentences.

1) A person, who for whatever reason, spends their time disrupting discussion boards.

2) Damaged goods.

Trolls have an intense need for attention, preferably negative. They doll themselves up by claiming that “everyone else in the world is shaped by the media.” Everyone but them. The bottom line , however, is that trolls are just haters, period.

The troll you call “Alice Smith” is really the smelly, unkempt man, who cut in front of you while you were standing in line at the bank last week.

Trolls are cowards who despise people and hide behind fake identities. They despise people who find common ground and meet in online discussion groups. Most likely they despise the world and in trolling, have found a way to lash out at “the rest of us.” A team of psychiatrists working around the clock would have a field day with a room full of trolls. They will do anything to disrupt people who have found a common cause.

Please read this old article from the New York Times and it will explain trolls in more detail. There are also photographs of a troll or two.

Today, internet trolls can be bought for a price. They weave their chaos and disrupt groups and conversations that have an agenda and get paid for doing it.

It takes a special type of person to sit in a computer chair all day long and spew hate. Someone who’s innately angry and has lots of time on their hands and most likely no job.

Basically a troll like’s to take over discussion groups by posting off topic posts, outrageous opinions, nasty comments, personal attacks, inflammatory remarks and the like. Whatever works. These tactics take the focus off the main issue. It also fills up a discussion board that is making good points and rousing people’s interest with senseless banter. If a topic is showing strength in numbers and gaining members, trolls will come on and dilute the content so people won’t read there anymore. Anyone going to that board will not see the quality content anymore. All that they will see is personal attacks, off topic posts and posts that support the opposing side. The trolls have pushed all the meaningful content off the page.

It’s a form of spinning. It’s a way of manipulating public perception.

It keeps the membership numbers down and keeps the good points and the passionate posts off the screen.

Trolls litter strong discussions boards with TRASH.

They try to engage you into an argument  because they know it will ruin the content of the page and fill the entire page up with garbage.

The absolute worse thing you can do to a troll is IGNORE them. They CAN NOT OPERATE if you do. By ignoring them you SHUT THEM DOWN.

Sometimes these trolls have hacking skills and can perform other acts of internet vandalism but the end result for the troll is always the same, negative attention and disruption. Much like you would expect from any angry toddler. Sometimes they are getting paid for it and sometimes it’s addictive behavior that makes them feel powerful.

A word about Jose Baez and the internet:

Prior to opening his own private practice, Baez worked for Lexis-Nexis, where he taught judges, lawyers, and law students about methods of using the Internet for investigation. Go to and see what they do. Baez is very familiar with how to manipulate opinions and disrupt discussion groups on the web. He knows all about hiring trolls to break up groups and dilute content on Facebook pages.

Is there one doubt in anyone’s mind that Jose Baez would resort to tactics  that he is familiar with in order to break up what’s happening now on Facebook? Considering it’s costing him his precious “millions” he thought he was going to be making off of this case it’s more than just possible.

Think about it.

Who would have passion to support Casey Anthony besides her own family or someone with a financial interest in making people believe there are “FANS” of this killer? What reason would people have to be passionate about this travesty of justice?

For the most part the subject of the baby killer is a prime ground for any troll who wants some attention. All they have to do is post “Casey is innocent!” on a discussion page and suddenly all the attention is on them and they are feeling important.

From a marketing and selling perspective, it is my opinion and I have not one doubt that Jose Baez has hired paid trolls to set up the so called “support pages” (all 2 of them) on Facebook for the killer and has stacked them with store bought friends. That’s right, for a mere $117 you can now buy friends and “likes” for your Facebook page if you want to look popular.

Let me give you an example of what a paid troll does for a company, a person or a political movement.

Let’s say you have a Facebook group that focuses on the bad health effects of red meat and it’s membership is growing in numbers. Imagine that the group is getting national attention and other like groups are sprouting up. The meat industry wants to counter this by giving the impression that many people believe that meat is good for you and consider the anti-meat people as being hysterical radicals. So what they do is hire internet trolls to go onto these group pages and praise the benefits of red meat, post insults, call the anti-meat people names, disrupt their conversation with personal attacks and basically mess up the momentum that the group was gathering and dilute the content of their page.

CASEY ANTHONY DOES NOT HAVE REAL SUPPORTERS!!! I would bet a wad of cash on it. Read their posts! They have nothing to post about except stopping the pro-Caylee/Anti-Casey posters and groups.  There’s not one post that contains any passion for this child killer. They only belittle people who are outraged by the verdict.

People are passionate about Caylee because they are outraged. People are broken hearted that this horrible thing happened to this beautiful child. People are angry that our justice system failed miserably. People are insulted at Baez and his dirty tricks. People are offended by the jury. People are disgusted by the Anthony’s. People are sick over this.

There are a host of emotions that people are suffering as a result of this hideous injustice.

Where is the passion for a child killer? There is none of that in their posts because they are only posting for one of 2 reasons: paycheck or disruption.

What emotions can anyone conjure up for this baby killer that can compare with the passion and outrage felt by millions of people all over the world? You are going to try and tell me that people are “heartbroken” that Casey has boycotters?


There’s only ONE PERSON that’s “heartbroken” over Casey Anthony  boycotts and that’s Jose Baez.

He’s got all the passion in the world to “support” Casey Anthony and a wad of money to invest in hiring trolls to break up a movement that his threatening all of his future plans.

There is nothing to be passionate about when you say you support Casey Anthony. It’s all an illusion that is designed to disrupt the boycotts and the petitions.

This is costing Baez big money and he is savvy when it comes to trying to manipulate opinion on the internet.

Go to and read about what they do.

How could there be any passion for this wretch? Who are these supporters? Why do they care? What is their motivation? What is their AGENDA?

Don’t fall for BAEZ dirty tricks and accept that someone who posts negative things about boycotters is truly someone who supports Casey Anthony because the odds are against anyone caring anything about this murdering skank even if they aren’t boycotting.

As yourself…WHY is this person so passionate about a child killer? What REASON?

I think you will find there can only be ONE REASON.

And that reason is MONEY.