Jose Baez sports another "shifty" look

The prosecution proved to me beyond all doubt, that Casey Anthony murdered Caylee Anthony. To anyone who understood the law and the science, the state proved their case. Casey Anthony killed Caylee Anthony in cold blood by wrapping duct tape around her face covering her nose and mouth and letting her suffocate to death. The state proved beyond all doubt that after driving around for days with Caylee’s decomposing body in the trunk of her car, Casey Anthony dumped Caylee Anthony  in the woods, along with the trash, right down the street from her home and left her there to rot.

They proved it to me beyond all doubt.
If I was on the jury, this case would have had a completely different outcome.

That being said, I’m wondering if Baez and Casey have now killed Headline News and can add them as another notch in their “belt-o-victims.” These two social scabs have created a tsunami of evil and a three ring circus that has cost the state of Florida hundreds of thousands of dollars and ruined the public’s faith in the justice system.

I have been an avid viewer of trials on court TV and “In Session” for over 25 years. My television pretty much stayed on the latest trial all day long. I enjoyed watching the testimony and listening to the legal experts analyze what was going on in court.

At 6pm I would faithfully turn on Headline News and keep my channel on their lineup until 10 pm.

Because I worked for CNN for over 17 years, I was more than just mildly interested in the legal system and how our courts work. I have also been a freelance writer for over 15 years and have focused on true crime for the past 6 years exclusively. Listening the the facts of any case as they come out at trial, is like listening to a true crime novel unfold in real time.

The day that verdict was read, a decades old habit ended.

I have not watched Headline News or another trial on “In Session” since that verdict and most likely never will again. I’m not the only one who feels that way either. I can’t even stand to have my TV accidentally land on those two networks, so I’ve blocked them and have never been happier. I am reading more and more posts from people who feel exactly as I do.

This verdict has convinced me that our court system is so broken we might never get it fixed. The level of disgust I feel towards our justice system and the way it treats our children, is off the charts after this fiasco. I am shocked that this much illegal activity can go on in a public courtroom, with the approval of a judge that is supposed to be monitoring what happens!

Is this where our hard earned tax dollars are going? To create entertainment and “controversial verdicts” so that jurors can later parlay their jury service into a money making opportunity?

This trial was never about justice and has consistently come back to one thing…money! 

What I saw was an unskilled, inexperienced attorney, use “learn-while-you-go” tactics and every dirty trick possible to make up for his lack of skill and experience. I watched Jose Baez  consistently lie and break the law, under the watchful eye of a weak, self-centered judge who allowed chaos to reign in his court.

“In Session” no longer exists for me. I’ve seen enough. I can’t imagine that I am the only one who has no more stomach for “cameras in the courtroom” and sleezebags that are trying to make a name for themselves off the murder of a child.

Until someone finds out what really happened in this trial, as far as I am concerned our justice system is a joke and there is no justice in this country. The last thing I want to do is watch a collection of cheats and liars continue to infest our critically ill legal system, in action, on TV again!

This was the most blatantly corrupt and illegal trial I have ever seen. Even Sammy “the Bull” Gravano’s trial wasn’t this crooked! Where was Judge Perry and why didn’t he do his job? Where were the jury instructions informing this band of money grubbing jurors (with agendas) that they could not accept the pack of LIES that Baez served up during his opening statement, as evidence? This verdict is a testimony to the shoddy job Judge Perry did overseeing this trial.

It was all about money…even to Judge Perry.

How many times did Judge Belvin Perry make decisions based on BUDGET as opposed to JUSTICE?

Is this really what we want for our children?

What kind of message does this send to other predators?

And Headline News with their unscrupulous reporters like Jean Casarez and Jane Velez Mitchell, is right there cheering this on!

I also have no desire to feed Jean Casarez, Jane Velez Mitchell, Nancy Grace, Vinnie Politan and any of the other Headline News anchors who ignored Cindy and George Anthony’s crimes during all of this and attempted to paint a picture of them as victims. Anyone familiar with the facts of this case knows that they are NOT victims.

Headline News has aligned themselves with evil.  This goes double for Jean Casarez and Jane Velez Mitchell, 2 primetime whores who ignore the injustice to children and cow-tow to former bikini salesman, Jose Baez, as if he is an effective attorney.

And I’m supposed to want to watch this?

I am really sickened by all of them. The rush to make more money has ripped the complacent expressions off all of their faces and exposed them for the bloodsuckers that they are.

How many other people feel the same way I do? People who invested in this case and this trial in the hopes that the world would see, that this type of flagrant abuse of our system…will not tolerated. Instead people have to face the fact that it is open season on our children and they do not matter…especially on Headline News! Add to that the idea that these criminals that we have been watching lie and cheat and yes, get away with murder for 3 years now are trying to sell themselves as “celebrities?”

“In Session” and Headline News are now going to try and shove this baby killer and her crooked attorney down our throats as “personalities?”

I have no use for either network anymore.

I am still waiting for justice.

The Happy Baby Killer

I know for a fact that I am not the only one who has no stomach for Headline News or their uninformed, biased anchors anymore. I would be willing to wager that after their big ratings explosion, brought on by CAYLEE ANTHONY (not her killer or her sleazy attorney) and the desire to see justice served…plummeted after this verdict.

After we all watched in disbelief as this entire family  blatantly abused our system, broke the law and covered up a child’s death for three full years, we hoped that the justice system would put a stop to it. Instead, the Anthonys have steadily proceeded to make money off of Caylee’s murder because of the media.  We all now know how pathetic our justice system really is. We watched it with our own eyes. It is painfully clear to everyone now that our system of justice is completely ineffective.  Who wants to watch another trial or even hear about one?

Not me and apparently I’m not alone.

Will the DA’s office investigate this jury and Jose Baez in order to find out just what went wrong here? One can hope that as we speak, this verdict is being investigated, along with many other sketchy and questionable things that went on during this trial.

Here’s hoping the so called “defense team”…with all their cowboy-jigs and giving the world the finger… will end up right where they belong…in prison…because something’s not right about any of this. This is not the way our justice system is supposed to work. People will be watching this case for years, waiting to find out what really happened and pushing for an investigation into this travesty.

With rumors swirling about the possibility of  Jeff Ashton running for States Attorney…perhaps it will be investigated if it’s not already. The silence from the DA’s office is deafening. Surely they, more than anyone, are aware of the lengths the defense was willing to go to to cheat justice? Surely they want to get to the bottom of this?

If I were on the so called “defense team” I would be laying low…just like bank robbers do after a heist.

Our children MATTER. Maybe a news organization with COURAGE  will cover this story when the TRUTH about this corrupt trial and the fetid verdict that arose from it comes out. Then and only then will I watch.