All eyes on Judge Lisa Munyon…

In this case the “worm” refers to the downtrodden citizens of the United States of America, who’s tax dollars pay for a system that does not work. The same justice system that is owned and operated by Judges who take bribes…

Camden County Probate Judge Shirley) Wise

Common Criminal: District Judge Michael Murphy

Judges who are drug addicts…

Richard Baumgartner, drug addicted Judge.

Judges who are involved in “hit and run accidents”…

Judges who are best friends to child molesters and cut them breaks for being “too short for jail”…

…friend to pedophiles…

Judge Kristine Cecava believes that short pedophiles should not be jailed.

Judges who have “penis pumps” under their robes and are masturbating in open court…

Former Oklahoma district judge Donald Thompson

Judges who beat their disabled daughters…

Judge Adams, child beater.

Judges who commit “high crimes and misdemeanors”…

Judge Thomas Porteous, Crook

Judges who sentence kids to “for profit” juvenile detention centers for a fee…

Judge Mark Ciavarella, Jr., “Kids for Cash” disgrace

Judges who expect tax payers to pay for a murderer’s sex change…

U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf, enemy to taxpayers, friend to murderers

Judges who sentence cold blooded, vicious baby killers to 90 days in jail…

The worst of the worst: Judge Douglas Walker should be immediately removed from the bench and thoroughly investigated for sentencing a father that murdered his little baby in cold blood, to 90 days in jail

and Judges who are just are straight up criminals…

In the Caylee Anthony trial America was forced to watch Judge Belvin Perry allow an entire pool of 50 jurors become contaminated by a defense witness…with virtually no repercussions. There was no investigation as to why a defense witness was down at the courthouse polluting an entire pool of 50 jurors what so ever. Radio silence.

Judge Belvin Perry…made silly faces as he HANDED his courtroom over to criminal and charlatan Jose Baez and enabled the most corrupt trial of the 21st Century.

Now those of us that watched the most disgraceful trial ever to be televised are left to wonder why.

At the same time Judge Perry bashed, battered and made a public spectacle out of a woman who was clearly mentally ill. Judge Perry left no doubt that our judicial system is in the hands of pompous, lazy people who believe that they are above reproach and think nothing of bastardizing the system in front of tax paying citizens.

Judge Belvin Perry humiliated and threatened a mentally unstable women who caused no harm to the trial and at the same time allowed A DEFENSE WITNESS to contaminate an entire pool of jurors with absolutely no consequences. Did Jose Baez know the the impossible 12 would be in the next group?

How much more “in your face” can judicial mistconduct be, then what we witnessed in the Caylee Anthony trial?

When the Judge is the one interjecting RACISM into a trial that has absolutely not one thing to do with race…and is already filled with side issues, what does that tell you?

If Judge Belvin Perry thinks that he is shocked and disappointed, his outrage is nothing compared to the people that watched his poor performance in this trial.

No…the system did not work and no amount of spin is going to change what America watched happen in Judge Perry’s rotten courtroom.

Judge Belvin Perry…the man who introduced racism into this trial and stacked the jury against the people of Florida by forcing the prosecution to take a woman who stated that it was against her religion to “judge” other people. Perry dictates to the dismay of all America “Yes the State will take her as a juror BECAUSE she is black!

I ask you…is this what we want from our Judges? Do we want men and women who help defendants cheat the system and interject racism into a trial that has absolutely nothing to do with race?

“Justice”, the other Victim of Judge Perry’s courtroom and this jury’s terrible illegal verdict

“King Perry” seemed to believe that he could allow the jury to talk on cell phones and amongst each other…even though it is clearly against the rules of the court.  I’ll bet anyone a hundred dollars they were talking on their cell phones to AGENTS and making “money” deals DURING THE TRIAL…all because “King Judge Perry” allowed them to.

Let’s just change the law while we are at it just for this trial. Is that what judges are supposed to do?

I’ll throw another hundred on the table and state that all of them…and I mean every single one of those greedy, rotten, fools…that Judge Perry “cherry picked” for this joke of a trial…discussed this case and deliberated over movies and dinnerduring the trial….

Caylee’s jury of illiterates, agenda filled criminals and fools…all cherry picked by the not so illustrious Judge Belvin Perry

all with Judge Belvin Perry’s blessings.

Judges are people. They commit crimes and masturbate under their robes. They perform all sorts of unseemly and criminal acts behind closed doors. They are a huge part of why our system is so terribly broken and is run by criminals. Judge Belvin Perry proved to me that he is not suitable to be a judge.

He proved to me that he is a weak racist with no backbone.

Judge Belvin Perry dislikes white people. He proved to me that he is not fair and was biased towards the defense.

Was Judge Perry paid by friends of the defense to allow a defense witness to contaminate an entire pool of jurors with absolutely no repuercussions what so ever?

I would submit to you that considering the travesty that took place in his courtroom…on National TV…in front of the entire world…that it is entirely possible.

This case was not brain surgery. This was a simple straight forward case. All that was needed was a fair and competent Judge to reach a verdict that spoke the truth. Judge Perry’s courtroom was the opposite of that.

Caylee’s jurors betrayed a nation and proved that our jury system is broken.

It was an illegal circus designed to THWART justice at every turn and Judge Belvin Perry was at the helm of that ship… leading the jurors down an illegal path…to an illegal verdict.

Judge Belvin Perry is the soul reason that racism…was introduced into a trial about the murder of a helpless 2 year old child.

A murdered child, who Judge Belvin Perry couldn’t be bothered to  even remember her name.

“The child”…this…”the child”…that. How disrespectful towards Caylee was Judge Perry? How accommodating was Perry towards someone who had every intention of cheating and lying as much as they could…and who turned his courtroom into a 3-ring circus and a disgrace?

What is really going on here?

The fact that this man was re-elected is a testimony to the level of corruption that exists in the state of Florida. Judges are not “special.” They are human beings with failings just like everyone else. Judges shoud be subject  to reviews and job INSECURITY like everyone else in this country…maybe even more so. Lives depend on what judges do and people like Judge Perry should not be given a responsibility, that they obviously don’t take seriously…even in a public forum!

All eyes were on that courtroom and America watched Judge Belvin Perry assist the defense in perpetrating their fraud through the use of illegal tactics and lies. He did nothing to stop it and technically enabled it.


There is a reason that this sign was waiting for the jurors, as they crossed the county line back into Pinellas County.

Take a look at a list of Federal Judges who have been investigated or impeached over the years and ask yourself what the rest of them are like? What are the Federal Judges who don’t get caught and remain in the system doing behind our backs?

When it gets to the point where a Judge can “throw”  a trial on National television and then sit back and dare the citizens of this country to do something about it…exactly like what Judge Belvin Perry has done… it’s time to put Judges in their place.

Why are Judges not subjected to annual reviews?

So now, in the year 2013, because Judge Belvin Perry did such a HORRIBLE  job and allowed CROOKS, liars and cheats to ambush his courtroom and lead this jury down an illegal path in front of millions….

all eyes will be on Judge Lisa Munyon in January. I did a little bit of research on Judge Munyon and found out that she ran unopposed.

I did find a very interesting story about Judge Munyon that gave me hope for some justice in her courtroom, although why Judge Munyon should have to clean up after Judge Perrys sloppy failure is beyond me. Judge Munyon’s responsibility just became more important…because all judges are now on trial as a result of what Perry did.

What did Florida get when they gave Judge Munyon her robes and set her loose on the public? Are they getting a good, fair judge? Because a good, fair judge was ALL that was needed in the Caylee Anthony trial to have assured a verdict that spoke the truth.

All Caylee needed was a  fair conscientious judge and what she got was  a racist with an agenda, who couldn’t even remember her name.

Iconic photo of Caylee Marie Anthony. This photo was one of the first photos to be published of Caylee. People have used it in artwork honoring her and showing support of justice in this case. It will surely be the thing that lives on in this case… long after her murdering mother is forgotten.

I do believe the time has come to put the spotlight on Judges all over the country. We need to know how they get elected and how they serve their tenures. Judges should be held to a stricter code of ethics then grocery baggers…and it doesn’t seem that anyone is making Judges answerable for their misconduct.

All eyes are going to be on the civil court in January to make sure that these despicable CHEATS and liars… who have corrupted and manipulated our system of justice in a public forum...with the aide and assistance of Judge Belvin Perry…realize that the party is over.

Casey Anthony should be in prison serving at least 30 years for murdering her innocent daughter, Caylee Anthony in cold blood.

The evidence was overwhelming and the prosecution did an outstanding job of putting the case together.

The message should have been loud and clear:

Murder your child and lie to the police…sending them on multiple wild goose chases…. costing the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars…wasting valuable resources…and the penalty will be just and swift.

A hefty Casey Anthony in court preening as if she is a celebrity, as opposed to the most despised person on the planet

Judge Perry killed justice…what will Judge Lisa Munyon do?

More on Judge Munyon:

Caylee Anthony will live in the hearts of millions forever as a tragic figure. The victim of a horrible mother, a terrible family, deadly dynamics and a system that flat out failed.